Chicago murder suspect just got a “get out of jail free” card and you won’t believe why

Policing policies in major Democrat-controlled cities have become a dangerous joke.

Leftist police “reforms” have not been effective in deterring crime, but that may actually be the point.

And one Chicago murder suspect just got a “get out of jail free” card for an unbelievable reason.

Crime rates have skyrocketed in every city that has implemented leftist policing reforms.

Even knowing the wrong-headed reasons behind most of the changes, some are so crazy they still leave residents scratching their heads.

Now, one Chicago policing policy is so crazy that officers are calling it a joke.

On Saturday a Chicago Police Department supervisor ordered patrol units to stop pursuing a car that officers saw being used by three gunmen in a murder just minutes earlier.

In response to the order, a stunned officer asked, “The car wanted for the murder?”

Another officer chimed in, “This department’s a joke!” 

Three of the four men pursued were reportedly captured on video firing shots by a CPD surveillance camera, and this happened just one day after the Sun-Times reported that arrests for violent crimes in the city are at historic lows.

According to police radio, an officer reported that ShotSpotter had detected 10 shots were fired. 

The officer described a white Dodge Charger with a black hood that three men exited from to open fire.

The technology center broadcast physical descriptions of the three gunmen, who returned to the car. 

Then, an officer who arrived at the scene said it appeared the victim was dead.

The Charger’s license plate number was confirmed stolen and other officers noted that a similar car was involved in a “shots fired” incident earlier in the day that resulted in no injuries.

Eight minutes after the shooting, a patrol unit spotted the Charger bearing the suspected license plate number and they engaged the vehicle.

Officers confirmed that the shooting on California would be a “0110,” which is a code number for murder.

During the transmission a CPD supervisor asked, “We’re sure this is the shooter?” 

“It’s the vehicle that was captured on POD,” the dispatcher confirmed. 

POD is an abbreviation for police observation device, meaning a police camera.

The Charger and Chicago cops crossed into suburban Cicero.

It was then that a Chicago police supervisor immediately terminated the chase, leading to a series of outbursts from officers who disagreed with the decision not to go after a carload of possible murderers.

The shooting victim was a man in his 50s who died when he was shot in the head, authorities said.

Law enforcement has not yet reported any arrests.

In August 2020, the Chicago Police Department introduced a new vehicle pursuit policy, providing officers with 11 pages of instructions that they must consider when deciding if a vehicle should be pursued. 

It specifically states that CPD will not discipline any member for ending a motor vehicle pursuit.

Recently many police departments have restricted high speed pursuits, leaving residents to wonder if it’s a “get out of jail free” card.

It’s hard to disagree with the frustrated Chicago police officers or to not sympathize with their frustrations when you hear about stories like this.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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