Chicago cops say they have had enough of Lori Lightfoot’s lies

Crime has exploded in most major American cities as a direct result of Democrats passing a slew of pro-crime policies.

Law-abiding citizens are paying the biggest price, yet Democrats are still determined to protect criminals.

Now former Chicago cops are saying they have had enough of Lori Lightfoot’s lies.

Police officers are quitting the force in droves all across America after years of vilification and defunding.

Chicago alone has seen 19% of its police officers leave the force since Mayor Lori Lightfoot took office in May of 2019.

Despite this exodus of law enforcement officers in Chicago, Lori Lightfoot believes that she is somehow helping law enforcement.

Last Thursday, Lori Lightfoot has the nerve to take credit for allegedly making Chicago safer.

Per Lori Lightfoot, “Everyone in our city deserves to be safe because they are safe.”

She added “What have we done? We’ve worked on making sure that we take more handguns and illegal guns off the street. We’ve worked on making sure that we provide more police, particularly in areas of the city that are suffering most.”

Chicago police slam Lori Lightfoot as city is being torn to pieces and she claims the exact opposite

These outlandish claims drew the immediate criticism of law enforcement and legal experts who claim that Lori Lightfoot and her pro-crime policies have done the exact opposite of what she claims.

Retired Chicago police Lieutenant John Garrido is among those who are criticizing these claims by Lori Ligthfoot.

On Fox and Friends last week, Garrido claimed that “She’s right that we all deserve to be safe, but the problem is that we’re not safe because of her failed administration.”

Garrido added that “The amount of officers that are working in the patrol division is almost half of what are actually detailed out into units now, and it just shows that she, along with her superintendent, have no idea what they’re doing.”

As far as beat officers are concerned, Garrido claimed that “What you’re not seeing there is the number of officers that are detailed out of these units that are actually in units like her protection detail. She actually has over 110 officers now in her protection detail when these districts are starved for manpower…”

These comments from former law enforcement personnel should scare every Chicago resident.

Lori Lightfoot’s decisions are seriously crippling the Chicago Police Department’s ability to do its job.

Instead of passing policies that make their jobs more difficult, Lightfoot needs to give these law enforcement officers the support they need to keep Chicago safe.

Until she does this, more and more officers will keep leaving the force.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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