Challenger for Lee Zeldin’s seat just doubled down on her extreme agenda

The Midterm elections are imminent and there is so much at stake.

Candidates from both sides are making their final pushes, and some are more desperate than others.

But the challenger for Lee Zeldin’s seat just doubled down on her extreme agenda.

The absolute last thing Congress needs is more extreme blue state leftists

When it comes to poorly managed blue states, New York is among the worst.

For decades, New York state has been dominated by far left-wing corrupt politicians who are bought and paid for by union bosses, the mafia, and other dubious special interests.

However, there are a few good ones in New York.

One such decent politician is Lee Zeldin, who is running for governor after representing New York’s 1st Congressional district for almost 8 years now.

But now that Zeldin is focusing on bigger things, it is time to figure out his replacement, and as you might imagine the Democrat looking to fill his spot is a real head case.

Bridget Fleming, a local politician in Suffolk County, New York hopes to represent the 1st district, and throughout her political career she has made it clear that she is a far-Left extremist.

And in the lead up to the Midterms, she has doubled down on her rhetoric, especially when it comes to bashing the police.

In a debate, Fleming outlandishly claimed “There is no question that there is widespread inequity and racial injustice in systems of government, throughout government, and in law enforcement in our nation, and we need to take that very seriously.”

Fleming may as well campaign as the “pro crime” candidate

Statements like this prove that she is pro-crime and does not respect the institutions that keep her own community safe.

Far-Left extremists like her have no place in politics, and if she had it her way, the entire nation would be like Manhattan.

Over the last several years, crime has gotten very out of hand in New York, and more specifically New York City.

This has led to a mass exodus from the state, yet she still thinks these extreme policies are a good thing for New York.

Politicians like Fleming do not care about New York, her district, or the nation.

They only care about one thing, and that is herself and gaining power.

Candidates like Fleming can be found running for office all across America, and even though many believe Republicans will win big this November, it is important to not take any chances.

If Democrats like Fleming were able to take power, the results would be completely devastating.

Americans deserve to live in a society that does not trash police officers and allow criminals to do as they please.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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