Catholics were banned from doing something that will leave your jaw on the floor

The “woke” religion of Progressivism is spreading.

There is no place for any other faith in the eyes of the Left.

And Catholics were banned from doing something that will leave your jaw on the floor.

The Left claim to be tolerant of others, but only if people align with their views.

And Leftism operates like a religion, which is why Leftism is so hostile toward other faiths, particularly Christianity.

Now a Catholic family in Massachusetts is being blocked from serving as foster parents because of their traditional religious views.

Mike and Catherine Burke are suing the state for denying their claim to be foster parents “due to their adherence to Catholic teachings on gender, sexuality, and marriage.”

The Burkes said, “After months of interviews and training, and after years of heartbreak, we were on the verge of finally becoming parents…We were absolutely devastated to learn that Massachusetts would rather children sleep in the hallways of hospitals than let us welcome children in need into our home.”

The state claimed that the Burkes “would not be affirming to a child who identified as LGBTQIA.”

Their rejection letter said that foster parents needed to promote the physical, mental, and emotional well-being of a child placed in his or her care, including supporting and respecting a child’s sexual orientation or gender identity.”

The Burkes turned to the religious liberty group Becket Law to represent them.

There’s a war on traditional families and values

Becket Law stated, “As faithful Catholics, the Burkes believe that all children should be loved and supported, and they would never reject a child placed in their home. They also believe that children should not undergo procedures that attempt to change their God-given sex, and they uphold Catholic beliefs about marriage and sexuality.”

The Left have become so beholden to the idea that boys can become girls and vice versa that they are willing to let kids suffer than have a home with traditional Catholics.

This is a clear indicator of how Progressivism has become a religion for liberals.

Progressivism supersedes everything else.

For instance, California is forwarding legislation that would favor the parent who “affirms” a child’s new gender over the parent who does not in custody disputes.

In some cases, parents are losing custody of their children because of their refusal to go along with radical gender ideology.

The plight of the Burkes is just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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