Carveout for elites: Silicon Valley just wiggled out of the gas stove ban Biden is pushing 

The Biden administration, as well as state and local Democrats, are implementing some of the most radical policy agendas ever seen.

Their war on gas stoves is now reaching doorsteps all over the country – at least those of lower and middle class.

Because carve outs for the elites are here – Silicon Valley just wiggled out of the gas stove ban Biden is pushing.

The Democrats have gone all in on radical environmentalism.

They are serious about eliminating fossil fuels as quickly as possible, which would make energy more expensive and less abundant.

One consequence of that nonsensical push is a prohibition on gas-powered stoves.

California and New York have already forged ahead with such inefficient proposals.

Unsurprisingly, people have pushed back, even liberals, but Gavin Newsom and other California Democrats are moving forward with the plan.

Chefs rip gas stove ban

But one celebrity chef was allowed to be exempted from the gas stove ban.

José Andrés was allowed to keep gas stoves for his restaurant Zaytinya in Palo Alto.

Simon Property Group (SPG) filed a lawsuit against the city over the authoritarian gas stove ban.

Anna Shimko, attorney for SPG, the company that built Zaytinya, wrote in a letter to the city, “SPG is confident that the enforcement of the new Reach Code in this context is legally defective and unconstitutional, and SPG is thus prepared to take all actions necessary to enforce its legal rights to employ gas facilities within Building EE.”

The quality of the restaurant was also listed as a reason for the exemption.

Shimko added, “Without a gas connection and appliances, Zaytinya would be forced to alter its signature five-star menu, which it is unwilling to do…Zaytinya cannot compromise the caliber of its cuisine and reputation, and if SPG cannot provide gas in Building EE, Zaytinya will likely choose not to locate within the City. This would be an unfortunate loss for the residents of Palo Alto, as well as a compensable loss for which SPG would be forced to seek redress.”

Other chefs have pointed out the stupidity of the ban and explained the superiority of gas-powered stoves.

In light of the lawsuit, Palo Alto backed down on its ban for the restaurant.

Silicon Valley government officials exempt elite celebrity chef as gas ban hits middle class 

So celebrity chefs like José Andrés get gas-powered stoves, but everyday residents do not.

This pattern happens over and over again, especially blue enclaves; the elites vote for these policies, then insulate themselves from the ramifications of these policies.

Banning gas stoves to “save the planet” is ridiculous, but Democrats have doubled down on this course of action – except for their celebrity chefs of course.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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