California’s new law will likely make bacon and hot dogs disappear

Leave it to Leftists to come up with the dumbest laws on God’s green earth.

But of all the idiotic laws in this nation, this has to take the top prize.

That’s because California’s new law will likely make bacon and hot dogs disappear.

It’s without a doubt that leftists aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer.

And when you have idiots writing laws, you get idiotic laws as a result.

And here are just a few examples.

In Colorado, you can’t collect rainwater.

And in Massachusetts it is illegal to drink beer in a hospital.

What a bunch of commies!

But it looks like California now has a law in place that could be the worst of them all.

Back in 2018, a majority of California voters decided to vote for an animal welfare proposition.

The proposition requires more spacing for breeding pigs, egg-laying chickens, and veal calves.

The only problem with that is the fact that pig farmers don’t have the means to comply.

According to NBC News, only four percent of California’s hog supply can comply with the new law that is about to take effect.

So good luck finding yourself a nice piece of bacon or some hot dogs.

It’s just another reason why you would never want to live in or visit California.

And everyone can all thank Leftists and their voters for ruining the once great state of California.


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