Californians are speechless after Gavin Newsom made this corrupt move

There are few states that are as corrupt and mismanaged as California.

For years now, California has been under the yoke of the radical Left, and the impact has been devastating for the Golden State.

But Californians are speechless after Gavin Newsom made this corrupt move.

Ever since Gavin Newsom assumed the office of Governor of California, he has made it clear that he will rule the state of California with an iron fist.

Few governors have flexed as much executive power as Gavin Newsom has, whether it be his draconian COVID restrictions or his litany of pro-crime policies which have ruined the state.

Gavin Newsom is reportedly considering corrupt former President Pro Tem of Senate for judicial post

Now Gavin Newsom is not the only corrupt politician in California.

California is riddled with corruption, and one of those corrupt politicians is former State Senator and current mayor of Sacramento, Darrell Steinberg.

For years, Darrell Steinberg abused his position as President Pro Tempore of the Senate to look the other way regarding countless corrupt acts by his Democrat colleagues.

Despite this, Governor Gavin Newsom is allegedly considering Mayor Darrel Steinberg for a key judicial post on the Third District Court of Appeals in Sacramento.

While in the Senate, Steinberg looked the other way while some of his fellow Democrats were accepting bribes and trafficking guns among other serious crimes.

Clearly, Steinberg is a corrupt politician who has no concept of the rule of law, yet Gavin Newsom is considering giving him this critical judicial appointment.

Steinberg may get this job due to his loyalty to Newsom, who has been under attack in recent years, including an attempt to recall him.

If appointed to this posting on the Third District Court of Appeals, Steinberg will almost certainly continue to abuse his power in order to protect his political allies.

Gavin Newsom and his cronies are largely responsible for the downfall of California

At one point, California was a blossoming and picturesque state that served as a beacon for new businesses and people.

But these days, California is rotting right before everyone’s eyes.

Across the state, crime has gotten to be unbearable, taxes are punishingly high, and land is constantly erupting in flames due to poor forest management.

Decades of Democrat control have caused these issues.

Democrats have become so entrenched in the state, that corruption has become a part of everyday life, and prominent Democrats have little to worry about when it comes to the law.

If California is not cleaned up, then the state will continue to see people leaving in droves.

California has the potential to be an economic powerhouse, but now the state is nothing more than a beacon for criminals and bums.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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