California Democrats are failing phenomenally at accepting the obvious

Democrats like to lay claim to academic prowess.

But having Joe Biden in the White House is making them look incredibly foolish. 

And Democrats in California are failing phenomenally at accepting the obvious.

It seems like gas prices hit new records on a daily basis. 

Since Democrats gained control of the White House and Capitol Hill in 2020, Americans’ quality of life has been going downhill fast. 

Now, many families are struggling to buy enough food, gasoline, and other essentials. 

The root of the problem can be traced right back to Democrats and the radical leftist agenda they’ve been pushing. 

Since his first day in the Oval Office, Joe Biden has been doing everything he can to shut down domestic energy production. 

And California lawmakers have been falling over themselves in an attempt to “lead” the nation into “clean energy.”

Which has amounted to an expensive boondoggle of a mess as they drop billions into stupid projects like installing electric car chargers in the ghetto while embracing pro-crime policies that ensure nobody in the wrong part of town could even consider bringing a shiny new electric car into one of those neighborhoods for fear it would be destroyed in short order. 

If there’s one thing Democrats don’t want to deal in, it’s the truth. 

Instead, the worse things get, the more they’re eager to shift blame and lie to protect their political careers. 

So, instead of trying to find ways to increase domestic energy production—or reduce the tax burden—Democrats in California  just launched an investigation into high gas prices. 

The California Assembly recently ordered an investigation into oil companies they claim are  “abusing a historic situation to suck profits from Californians’ wallets.”

Many are saying that sounds like exactly what Democrats have been doing over the past two years as they used the pandemic as an excuse to push all kinds of awful policies and spending during the COVID-19 “emergency.”

Instead of taking a moment for self-reflection, the lawmakers are gung ho to rush out and find a reason to blame the state’s high gas prices—now, at more than $6 a gallon—on private industry. 

“We have put ourselves in a situation because of our addiction to the gas-powered engine. Yet that is no excuse for the actions of those who pin California drivers down with a foot on our necks and a hand in our pockets,” Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon said.

State lawmakers put California in that position by turning the Golden State into one of the most expensive places to live in the United States. 

And they’ll keep it there as long as they refuse to acknowledge the root cause of their economic dysfunction – blue state policies that pile onto what Joe Biden is already messing up at the federal level. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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