California bill threatens doctors’ livelihoods if they don’t toe the party line

Pandemic protocols over the last two years have been confusing and contradictory, changing day by day and sometimes hour by hour.

First, the “experts” said that masks were ineffective – then necessary – then necessary but only effective if you used a certain kind, different from what was previously recommended.

Now, a California bill is threatening doctors’ livelihoods if they don’t toe the party line.

A bill being considered by the California State Legislature would allow the state’s medical board to discipline doctors who provide what is considered “misinformation or disinformation” about COVID-19 – and even strip them of their licenses.

The text of the bill states, “[Assembly Bill 2098] would designate the dissemination or promotion of misinformation or disinformation related to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus, or ‘COVID-19,’ as unprofessional conduct. The bill would require the board to consider specified factors prior to bringing a disciplinary action against a physician and surgeon. The bill would also make findings and declarations in this regard.”

So essentially, agree with what the board deems to be “the science” on any given day or be ready to lose your license to practice medicine.

The bill also asserts, “Major news outlets have reported that some of the most dangerous propagators of inaccurate information regarding the COVID-19 vaccines are licensed health care professionals.”

Somehow, that “major news outlets” frequently get major facts wrong with ever-increasing frequency didn’t factor into the drafting of this legislation.

This crazy bill is being sponsored by Assemblymember Evan Low (D-Silicon Valley), who gained notoriety after he tweeted a racist cartoon supporting Black Lives Matter in 2020 – before the murder of George Floyd.

Stanford Medical School Professor Jay Bhattacharya co-authored the Great Barrington Declaration, favoring “Focused Protection” over widespread lockdowns during COVID surges, and wrote that the California bill mirrors the way communist China has treated physicians merely for telling the truth about the coronavirus.

Bhattacharya says, “The language of the bill itself is intentionally vague about what constitutes ‘misinformation,’ which makes it even more damaging. Doctors, fearing loss of their livelihoods, will need to hew closely to the government line on Covid science and policy, even if that line does not track the scientific evidence. After all, until recently, top government science bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci claimed that the idea that Covid came from a Wuhan laboratory was a conspiracy theory, rather than a valid hypothesis that should be open to discussion. The government’s track record on discerning Covid truths is poor. What is abundantly clear is that this bill represents a chilling interference with the practice of medicine. The bill itself is full of misinformation and a demonstration of what a disaster it would be to have the legislature dictate the practice of medicine. We are not the Soviet Union, of course, nor are we ruled by Chinese Communists. California lawmakers thankfully do not have the power currently being exercised in Shanghai. But this bill follows the same dangerous principle that government-authorized science should permit no opposition from people with the credentials and knowledge to oppose it. The false medical consensus enforced by AB 2098 will lead doctors to censor themselves to avoid government sanction. And it will be their patients, above all, who will be harmed by their silence.”

It doesn’t get much more chilling than that.

Let’s hope that – even in far-left California – enough lawmakers have enough sense not to threaten doctors and hurt the patients they serve.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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