Business owners are living in terror because of one disturbing trend

Democrat-run cities have become borderline unlivable.

Even liberal residents are getting fed up.

And businesses owners are living in terror because of one disturbing trend.

The city of San Francisco is getting a harsh lesson in what happens when leftists are allowed to run amok.

San Francisco has always been a left-leaning city, but now the full-blown radicals are in charge.

The main consequence is that crime has spiraled out of control.

And Asian shop owners in Chinatown live in fear of attacks as robberies are on the uptick.

Democrats pay lip service to slogans like “stop Asian hate,” but they don’t do anything actually to address the issue.

The problem is pro-crime policies have been implemented by far-left prosecutors, and lawlessness has become acceptable.

In San Francisco, radical District Attorney Chesa Boudin, who was bankrolled by George Soros, faces a recall effort because residents are getting fed up.

And despite Boudin’s protestations, it’s not nefarious right-wingers leading the charge – it’s liberals.

Mary Jung, Democratic activist and community leader, said, “As the former Chair of the San Francisco Democratic Party, I cannot remain silent while the District Attorney fails to do his job. His failure has directly resulted in increased crime against Asian Americans. The number of anti-Asian crimes has increased more than six-fold . . .”

Crimes against Asians are only one piece of the puzzle.

Domestic violence is on the rise, too.

Andrea Shorter, an advocate and community leader, explained, “Domestic violence cases in San Francisco are rising under Chesa Boudin, yet he has chosen to prosecute only 14% of cases, leaving the vast majority of domestic violence victims and their children vulnerable to their abusers who are allowed to remain on the streets.”

The abundance of street drugs and the allowance of drugs to be consumed in public are fueling the homelessness crisis.

Tom Wolf, a recovery advocate and Tenderloin neighborhood leader, said, “Fentanyl has killed hundreds of San Franciscans since Chesa Boudin took office, yet he hasn’t pursued a single felony drug dealing case. Instead, he sends dealers to drug courts, where they face little to no consequences and are able to get right back to selling on the streets. It’s not progressive when repeat violent offenders aren’t held accountable or when drug dealers are allowed back on the street to profit and prey on the vulnerable. We must recall Chesa now.”

Liberals in San Francisco have had it with the radicals.

If moderates don’t get back in control, the problem will only get worse.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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