Brandon Johnson’s buddies have a 12 billion dollar plan to make Chicago even more desolate

Chicago voters just kicked out Lori Lightfoot. 

But it looks like they just doubled down on destructive leftist policies. 

And Brandon Johnson’s buddies have a 12 billion dollar plan to make Chicago even more desolate.

Back in 2020 the Black Lives Matter riots swept across America, empowered by blue state Governors to wreak havoc in major cities all over the nation. 

The long-term impact of that movement—which was organized by self-described Marxists—are still being realized. 

Much of Chicago—including a wing of one of the city’s biggest airports—has devolved into a dystopian wasteland over the past few years. 

Now with a newly-elected Mayor in office, the people who helped get him elected are gunning for a massive spending program that would usher in more of the same type of policies that got Chicago into a mess in the first place. 

An organization with a name eerily reminiscent of Communist propaganda, the People’s Unity Platform, is calling on the mayor to implement several measures included in a new proposal. 

The “First We Get The Money” proposal is a joint report released by the People’s Unity Platform and the Action Center on Race & the Economy. 

Special tax on homeowners to bring homeless “home”

Despite failures experienced over the past few years, the organizations are prescribing all kinds of woke policies as cures for the Windy City’s woes. 

“Chicago must pass the Bring Chicago Home ordinance, which would eliminate homelessness in Chicago by providing permanent, affordable housing and homeless services by instituting a real estate transfer tax on transactions worth over a million dollars,” the proposal demands.

Of course, calls for such an economy-chilling plan come as the Federal Reserve continues to meddle with interest rates. 

According to an April report, home prices in the area have already dropped by 8.7% over the past year.

But activists seem convinced the money is there for the taking and that their woke ideas will somehow work against all odds. 

“Chicago must fully fund loving and liberatory schools, with appropriate class sizes and staff ratios, a nurse and counselor in every school, transformative curricula, restorative justice practices, and a true commitment to sanctuary schools,” the organization added. 

Residents flee as crime, homeless, and illegal immigration rates surge

Democrats bragging about being a sanctuary city has attracted plenty of illegals who are packing themselves into local hotels converted to shelters. 

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands of taxpayers are leaving the city. 

Census data shows a 3% population decline between 2020 and 2021.    

ABC’s “Data Team” also found over the past five years at least 294,000 moved out of the metro area. 

If Brandon Johnson decides to implement the People’s Unity Platform’s defund-the-police woke plans, it will only continue to fuel the city’s downward spiral. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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