Blue “utopia” business owners put their foot down after this rude awakening from hooligans

Crime is through the roof in America.

Some blue staters asked “when is enough, enough!” after a disturbing caught-on-camera crime in their leftist city.

So these blue “utopia” business owners put their foot down after a rude awakening from hooligans.

It is not just career criminals who are wreaking havoc on society.

Unsupervised kids and teenagers are choosing a life of crime now that police are severely underfunded and flat-out can’t or refuse to act.

And now business owners in the leftist “utopia” — aka hellhole — of Philadelphia were forced to go to extreme lengths to keep young hooligans out after the mayhem experienced at a local Wawa convenience store.

Lack of parental supervision is turning many American cities into mob-run hell pits

Over the last couple of years, a disturbing trend has swept every single corner of the nation.

This trend is being labeled as “smash-and-grab” crimes where groups of hoodlums, typically teenagers, mob a store and ransack it in a matter of minutes.

One particular smash-and-grab that garnered national attention occurred in the city of Philadelphia recently.

A large mob of teenagers and young adults stormed into a local Wawa and stole everything they could carry as well as destroying everything and anything.

It was estimated that this mob caused over $10,000 in damages and losses.

As a direct result of this smash-and-grab, another Philadelphia-area Wawa is taking drastic measures to ensure this does not happen at their store.

After the mayhem in the nearby store, Wawa store #8049 in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia announced that they will be closing their location every weekday from 2:30-3:30, Philly Magazine reported.

This is because High school students are released just before this window, and closing is the only measure they can take to prevent loss.

Granted this is not the same store that was ransacked the other day, but they have seen countless smash-and-grabs in recent months.

One unnamed employee at this location told Philly Magazine that “It’s a real shame that we have to do this. But we really have no choice. Things are just getting out of control.”

Another employee went on to say “You come in here at 3 p.m., and there might be 50 kids in here at one time. Some of them are good kids. But some of them are not. They cause trouble.”

The saddest part about this closure is that this Wawa is located just across the street from the Philadelphia Police 5th District office.

Crime spikes are making life unlivable for millions of Americans

The reason why many young adults are causing so much damage is that they have deadbeat parents who allow them to act out and do whatever they feel like.

This lack of good parenting combined with the defunding and gutting of many police departments by the radical Left has opened the doors for smash-and-grabs and other mob attacks to take place.

In the near future expect many businesses like Wawa to shut down in areas like downtown Philadelphia and other crime-infested parts of America.

After all, why would anybody want to set up a store in a place where crime is unenforced.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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