Blue states’ attorneys general are running scared after this Kamala Harris ally’s scheme backfired

Trust in public institutions has plummeted in recent years and it’s completely understandable why.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell if there’s been a purposeful breach of public trust, or if the problem is sheer incompetence, and often it’s a mixture of both.

But blue states’ attorneys general are running scared after this one Kamala Harris ally’s scheme backfired.

The Attorney General of California has been slapped with a class action lawsuit for completely failing his constituents.

The personal information of hundreds of thousands of gun owners across California, including names and addresses, was made available to the public through a government web site in what the California Attorney General’s office claimed to be an unfortunate mistake.

Curiously, the data dump disclosure occurred just days after the Supreme Court’s Bruen decision overturned “may issue” concealed carry licensing schemes like California’s.

Leftists like California’s Democrat Attorney General Rob Bonta seethed at the loss of  “may issue” schemes which gave the state the power to decide whether citizens are worthy of fully exercising their Constitutional rights.

According to The Associated Press, “Attorney General Rob Bonta said he was ‘deeply disturbed and angered’ by the failure to protect the information his department is entrusted to keep. He ordered an investigation and promised to fix any problems. ‘This unauthorized release of personal information is unacceptable and falls far short of my expectations for this department,’ he said.”

The National Association for Gun Rights’ class action lawsuit that has been filed against Bonta asserts that the leak was not only illegal, but it also put Californians in physical danger by making them targets of criminals and harassers.

According to the lawsuit, “This unlawful release of Californians’ sensitive private information to the public in violation of California and federal law provides criminals with a road map of who owns a firearm and where those firearms may be located, and information from which those same criminals can infer which homes are not likely defended by armed homeowners. Considering the contentious issue of gun ownership, it also needlessly subjects lawful gun owners to harassment and discrimination. California’s wrongful disclosure of this sensitive private information has caused great harm and placed the safety of hundreds of thousands of Californians at risk and is precisely why the state should not keep such information on law abiding gun owners.”

Even assuming the information leak actually was an accident, citizens of every stripe should be hoping the lawsuit is successful.

There needs to be a penalty for such a government breach of law-abiding citizens’ trust no matter what party is responsible.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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