Blue states are breathing new life into the forever-pandemic—and adding a touch of Monkeypox drama too

In a bit of stupidity that will leave you breathless, Joe Biden’s administration is busy rekindling COVID-19 drama in America’s most populous county. 

If they get their way, a gaggle of blue state leftists will manage to breathe new life into the forever-pandemic. 

And they’re adding a touch of Monkeypox drama for good measure. 

In spite of the fact that experience has shown masking, jabbing, and panicking in general does little to impress a virus.

But the Democrats’ spin machine is working overtime to prepare for a return of the county-wide mask mandates in places like New York and Los Angeles. 

Incredibly, in Los Angeles’ case, they’re giving plenty of lead time to test the waters by announcing that the city may bring back the universal indoor mask mandate on July 29 if the county remains at a “high” transmission threshold according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines. 

It’s a suspicious move considering that they announced the pending reimplementation about two weeks in advance. 

If masks truly worked the miracles the health regulator establishment claims, you’d think they wouldn’t want to have the viral pot brew for a couple of weeks before shutting down transmission. 

But it’s becoming increasingly obvious that Democrats are addicted to the power trip health emergencies make possible. 

According to a CapRadio report, “In recent weeks, states and cities began to rethink their responses to COVID-19. And the White House is stepping up efforts to alert the public.”

Another possible explanation is that about four months out from the critical midterm election, Democrats are desperate to distract voters from news of June’s 9.1% inflation rate—the worst in 41 years. 

Some good ol’ fashioned pandemic pageantry could come in super handy right now. 

But if panic over the COVID-19 BA.5 variant isn’t convincing enough, blue state health officials have another boogeyman waiting in the wings. 

A monkeypox vaccine shortage.

Lines for free monkeypox jabs are already around the block in some New York Citry communities.


It is big news in California’s Bay Area as well. 

With at least 186 cases of Monkeypox confirmed or suspected across California, residents have a new reason to hyperventilate over disease. 

According to the New York Times, “The virus spreads through contact with the rash lesions, intimate touching such as kissing, or living with someone who has monkeypox. A majority of cases this year have been in young men, many of whom self-identify as men who have sex with men.”

Now The San Francisco Chronicle is trying to play up the situation as some sort of discriminatory scandal. 

“Would monkeypox receive a stronger response if it were not primarily affecting queer folks?” the paper quoted a county supervisor asking recently. 

But prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, illnesses spreading through certain populations on a small scale simply weren’t a big news item. 

In the case of Monkeypox, the disease isn’t new, isn’t as contagious as COVID-19, and a vaccine has been around for years. 

All the same, government agencies seem to be eager to merge with the pharmaceutical industry. 

Los Angeles County and Sacramento County have both been regulating who can get the Monkeypox vaccines and expanded the eligibility as demand reaches a fever pitch. 

Hundreds of people were standing in line for a mere 270 available vaccines over the weekend. 

The state supposedly has 14,000 doses due to arrive any day and another 9,000 on the way by the end of July. 

The bigger issue now is exactly how far governments—especially those controlled by Democrats—will take their relatively new obsession with micromanaging the entire population’s health in the coming months. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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