Bill Maher exposed the big problem ruining one Democrat-run city

It’s shocking how quickly radicals have taken over the Left.

Democrats have adopted a slew of terrible ideas.

And Bill Maher exposed the big problem ruining one Democrat-run city.

Bill Maher is flirting with being run out of the Left altogether.

The left-wing comedian continues to point out absurdities in the Left’s rhetoric.

The latest example dealt with the issue of hard drugs.

Maher is long-time proponent of smoking marijuana, and even he recognizes the lunacy of not only destigmatizing hard-drug use, but openly encouraging it.

During a segment on his show, he criticized the folly of calling drug use “empowering.”

This mentality is what is so destructive about the Left.

People who are heavy narcotics users don’t need empowerment – they need treatment.

Essentially all of the homelessness crisis is a result of drug addiction and/or mental health problems.

Progressives talk about a lack of housing and high rent, but that’s a misdirect.

Virtually nobody living in or near an open-air drug den is homeless because of economic hardship.

Many homeless do not want to go to treatment facilities and shelters because they want to be able to come and go as they please, and buy drugs easily.

The normalization of drugs by progressives is quite astounding.

This is appalling.

But the leftist mindset doesn’t see anything wrong with it.

In fact, leftists argue that homeless people should be allowed to use drugs in public because people with money can use drugs in private without fear of interdiction from the law.

Those are the types of twisted arguments the Left makes.

Leftists essentially believe that homeless people have a right to erect tents on public property and use drugs out in the open.

They simply fall back on the canard of lack of resources being the crux of the issue.

San Francisco has pledged to spend $1 billion over two years on its homeless population of about 8,000 people.

That means the city is spending $62,500 per homeless person per year.

If that doesn’t highlight the inefficiency of government, nothing will.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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