Bill Gates needs to see this jarring bag lady video

On a daily basis, cities like Seattle and Sam Francisco are ransacked by career criminals who do not care about the law or their community. 

Globalist elites in these cities are starting to get their eyes opened to the toxic effects of the crime, depravity, and drug use of the radical left-wing policies they support. 

And Bill Gates needs to see this jarring bag lady video.

Bill Gates and other “woke” billionaires need to open their eyes

In recent years, Seattle turned from a growing city and prosperous city to a drugged out wasteland.

And while famous Seattle residents like Bill Gates fly around the world on private jets and spend their billions to inflict their agenda on the people across the country and the world, Seattle is burning thanks to the policies they’ve pushed. 

Homelessness has completely taken over the city.  State-sponsored drug use, generous welfare programs and soft on crime policies only add fuel to the fire. 

Just last week, all of Seattle’s problems were epitomized in one terrifying incident. 

Right off of Highway 5, a homeless woman was seen with a bag over her head, dangling off of the overpass. 

Local journalist Jonathan Choe recounted the incident on Twitter, saying “SEATTLE PROBLEMS: This bizarre encounter happened on I-5 Thursday during a busy evening commute in #Seattle. Witnesses say a homeless woman was wearing a clear plastic bag on her head and carrying sack full of vegetation.”

He added,  “Cops showed up and tried to talk her off the ledge. She was also swinging some type of metal object. Just another day in the Emerald City.”

This encounter gained national attention for its odd nature, however as Seattle native Jonathan Choe pointed out, this is just another day in the neighborhood. 

Not only did the homeless woman nearly die, but a number of first responders and drivers were put in serious danger.

These crimes and incidents, which are happening right in Microsoft’s backyard,  are driving businesses and investors out of the city in droves.

Major retailers, like Seattle’s very own Starbucks, are an example of the businesses that are saying enough is enough. 

Bill Gates has not yet commented on this incident, or the sad state of the city of Seattle. 

Bill Gates and other celebrities are giving up on the west coast 

Large west coast cities like Los Angeles, San Francisco and Seattle are infested with crime and homelessness. 

For this reason, these cities are bleeding residents, especially wealthy residents who are targets for criminals nowadays. 

Instead of flying around the world, lamenting about climate problems, Bill Gates ought to take a look in his own backyard. 

Seattle was once a hotbed for up and coming artists, innovators and musicians, and now it has become a hotbed for crime, drugs and homelessness. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for more updates on this ongoing story. 



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