Big Brother Newsom just dreamed up a new way to stick his nose into Californians’ private business

He looks like every corporate villain ever seen in Disney cartoons.

But based on his policies, Governor Gavin Newsom’s entire job is actually to butt-in on everyone’s lives and make it harder to do business in California.

And now Big Brother Newsom has dreamed up a new way to poke his nose into Californians’ private business.

And it’s likely to drive even more companies out of the state.

Here come the “equity” police

The leftist obsession with “equity” is a never-ending downward spiral into a world that’s equally miserable and desolate for everyone but ruling leftist political elites.

Now the “equity” police in California have official permission to get a peek inside every citizens’ paycheck envelope.

Newsom just signed a bill into law requiring almost 200,000 California companies with 15 or more employees to disclose what they pay starting next year.

The new law is a massive intrusion into the privacy of both employers and employees.

“It’s not always the right approach,” Elena Simintzi, an associate professor of finance at the University of North Carolina’s Kenan-Flagler Business School, told Bloomberg law, referring to posting pay on job listings.

The new rules will open companies up to all kinds of drama when they offer higher wages in areas with a high cost of living or for jobs that have few qualified candidates.

Of course, no proper leftist program would be complete without a dose of racist tabulating.

The Golden State’s new law also requires companies with 100 or more employees to report the mean and median pay of employees by race and gender along with what they pay contractors.

The California Chamber of Commerce battled against the new law unsuccessfully pointing out that public salaries can hold back ambitious workers who expect to be paid more for their quality of work and experience.

Washington State and New York also have similar laws going into effect soon.

Forbes writer Jack Kelly predicts chaos will ensue.

“Businesses must be prepared for disgruntled workers. You’ll soon see people griping that they work harder and have better results than their co-worker who earns more than they do, and demand a raise,” Kelly wrote. “In-fighting and hurt feelings will ensue. There will be accusations of discrimination and potential lawsuits, asserting prejudice as the reason for being paid less than what other workers in the same role are being paid.”

“Another challenge is that some people have an unrealistic perspective of their value and work product,” Kelly added. “These workers aggressively assert that they’re the ones who do the most work, produce the best results and should be handsomely rewarded.”

A real climate crisis – at least in California workplaces

“In some instances, they could be right, but more often than not, they are not aligned with reality. It will then come as a big shock to many employees that they are not worth what they thought they deserved. The dissonance may be too much for them to process and an ugly situation could arise,” he concluded.

In other words, prepare for a massive leftist snowflake meltdown.

The elementary school mentality that everything has to be perfectly “fair” in life doesn’t drive productivity or innovation—both essential components needed like never before in American industry if we’re ever going to recover from a nasty bout of Bidenflation.

Then again, recovery doesn’t seem to be a priority for radical leftists like Newsom.

They’re far more interested in designing a “new normal” straight out of a dystopian novel.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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