Beverly Hills is turning after latest LA tragedy shows just how out-of-control crime has become

Violent crime has become a serious problem.

Democrats have even been forced to abandon their insane “Defund the Police” rhetoric.

Now Beverly Hills is turning after the latest LA tragedy shows just how out-of-control crime has become.

Democrats’ pro-crime policies are making big cities nearly unlivable.

That’s why the spotlight is now on far-left prosecutors funded by George Soros.

They have become so unpopular, Soros was compelled to write an op-ed defending his practice of bankrolling leftist DAs.

Communist District Attorney Chesa Boudin was recently recalled in very liberal San Francisco, and far-Left DA George Gascón is on the brink of extinction in Los Angeles.

And the senseless murder of a rookie cop highlights precisely why so many Angelenos are fed up.

Timcast News reported that “LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva was first to announce that arrests had been made late Tuesday night by Downey police and at a press conference this evening, District Attorney George Gascón said that two arrests had been made in connection to the fatal shooting of officer Gardiel Solorio. Earlier this week, off-duty Monterey Park police officer Gardiel Solorio was shot and killed by convicted felon Carlos del Cid in a failed robbery just outside of a local gym. According to Gascón, Solorio was shot five times after he resisted del Cid.”

Los Angeles has experienced many high-profile crimes of late.

Follow-home robberies from high-end stores have become commonplace.

Even liberals in Beverly Hills are buying guns.

Timcast News added that “Del Cid will now face the charges of murder and possession of a firearm as a felon. His 17-year-old accomplice — who has not been named — will also face related charges for his role as the wheelman during the robbery attempt. If convicted, he will face life in prison. Solorio was a freshly minted recruit who had just finished the academy…” Monterey Park Police Chief Kelly Gordon said of the slain officer, “Gardiel grew up in the city of Bell Gardens. He was 26 at the time of this senseless tragedy. He was a graduate of Cal State University Los Angeles. He had a Bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.”

Defense attorneys are scrambling to cut deals for their clients in anticipation of Gascón getting recalled.

Willie Wilkerson, a gang member who’s on trial for murder, admitted on a prison phone conversation, “I told you last time that [my lawyer] wanna hurry up and try to get something did before they re-elect somebody else besides Gascón and bring back that little motherf*cking life without parole and death penalty. If he could get the manslaughter, then sh*t! Manslaughter only carries six, nine, and 12 [years].”

Criminals know that the party could be over if the pro-crime agenda gets put to an end.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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