Bernie has a plan that will leave us all gasping for breath

Bernie Sanders is ready to spend more of your hard-earned money.

And if he gets his way, he’ll be controlling even how we breathe.

Unfortunately, it’s a plan that’s gaining traction fast in Washington, D.C.

Since vaccines and masks have utterly failed at controlling Omicron, leftists are doubling down by pushing more vaccines and better masks.

Of course, the Vermont Senator has a plan to spend as much taxpayer money as possible in the process.

“It is an absolute scandal that in the richest country in the history of the world, high-quality masks are not more readily available to frontline workers, health care workers, and all Americans,” Sanders said in a statement.

He wants to send a “free” pack of three to everyone in the United States.

Of course, that plan will be anything but free.

On mere speculation that N95 masks may soon be recommended by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) prices have already doubled or even tripled on Amazon.

And while we’d like to think the government could get a deal, it seems unlikely considering how everything else has been handled so far.

Based on current prices, taxpayers could end up paying $1-$2 per mask. (We’re already probably paying $100 for every “free” COVID test.)

That means we could end up spending a billion dollars or more (plus shipping and handling) to keep the whole nation masked up for all of three days.

This is Sanders’ second go at trying to push his “Mask For All” act.

Back before the common cold was weaponized, in 2005, a study was actually conducted on the effects of having medical staff wear N95 masks versus regular surgical facemasks.

If you’ve ever had to spend much time gasping to pull oxygen through a N95 mask, you know exactly why researchers wanted to know what effect they have on “heart rate, thermal stress and subjective sensations.”

The takeaway from the 17-page report of those wearing N-95 masks is that health care workers who had to wear an N95 mask all day had higher heart rates, were overheated in general, and relatively miserable.

Back in April of 2020, a driver in a fatal car crash was believed to have passed out from wearing an N95 mask for too long.

Obviously, there are plenty of occupations where passing out would be a huge safety hazard – probably far worse than contracting the usually mild version of the Omicron strain of Covid.

But then, what would be the fun in that?

Leftists like Bernie would rather keep spending your money while coming up with new ways to make your life as difficult as possible.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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