Battleground state Democrat Senate candidate just had a Hillary moment

Hillary Clinton set the tone for the Democrat Party with her infamous “basket of deplorables” comment about Trump supporters.

But Democrats didn’t learn their lesson about attacking the massive voting conservative swath of the country.

Now this Senate battleground state Democrat candidate went full-Hillary on a critical voting bloc.

The Democrats are running candidates who are increasingly radical.

They reflect the far-Left drive of the Party.

Pennsylvania Democrat John Fetterman is losing ground in his Senate race against Dr. Oz.

Fetterman’s early lead has evaporated ever since voters learned that he struggles mightily to speak after suffering a serious stroke.

Fetterman’s health has raised concerns, even among Democrats.

Now Fetterman is roiling another group of voters: gun owners.

Fetterman attacks gun rights supporters

During a gun control event sponsored by Fight for Gun Safety, Fetterman said, “I’m not afraid of anything, and certainly not the NRA…And let me be clear, the NRA does not represent the overwhelming majority of what gun owners really believe and want…That is the lunatic fringe of gun ownership. And they are disproportionately represented and that skews the conversation…And pushing back at, I would never make the mistake of thinking, that’s representative of your average gun owner in America.”

According to Fetterman, Americans who support gun rights are the “lunatic fringe” of the country.

That won’t go over well in Pennsylvania, a state where two out of five residents are gun owners.

Fetterman’s “lunatic fringe” comments are also ironic considering he grabbed his shotgun and chased down a black jogger whom he incorrectly assumed was a shooting suspect.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported that “in 2013, Fetterman pursued a man and pulled a shotgun on him because he wrongly believed the man, who turned out to be a Black jogger, had been involved in a shooting…An officer who responded to reports of gunfire searched the man, Christopher Miyares, and found he was unarmed, according to a 2013 police report…[I]n a television interview at the time, Miyares said Fetterman ‘aimed [the shotgun] at my chest.’”

Fetterman essentially did what Ahmaud Arbery’s killers did.

He also defended Barack Obama’s “bitter clingers” line aimed at religious gun owners in small towns.

At the time, Fetterman said, “It is not patronizing, it is not condescending, it is not elitism…We need hope and we need a plan and we need someone who is not part of the system in Washington.”

The Democrats’ “plan” is to accelerate the hollowing out of the country in support of a globalist agenda.

And Fetterman appears to be completely on board with that plan, as is the leadership of the Democrat Party.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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