Barack Obama said something infuriating to defend one Biden policy

Barack Obama continues to be active in politics.

He loves the spotlight, and doesn’t want to give it up.

And Obama said something infuriating to defend one Joe Biden policy.

The Biden administration is effectively a nightmarish continuation of the Obama administration.

Many of the same officials are in power, and the radical policy goals remain the same.

Obama went to Gavin Newsom’s state to tell businessmen that Republicans are racist

That’s why Barack Obama met with businessmen in San Diego to push Joe Biden’s disastrous border policy.

And Obama used the tired, old Democrat tactic of smearing Republicans as racist.

While speaking to hispanic realtors, Obama said, “Right now, the biggest fuel behind the Republican agenda is related to immigration and the fear that somehow America’s character is going to be changed if—people of darker shades—there are too many of them here.”

This is an absurd contention.

Republicans are disturbed by unfettered illegal immigration, which the Democrats have zero interest in curtailing.

It’s not a race issue, as evidenced by the growing number of hispanic voters that are leaning Republican.

But the Democrat Party is hell-bent on driving up racial divisions in the U.S. because they know they’re now viewed as nothing but the Party of the elite Martha’s Vineyard crowd.

And they know that recent elections in Italy illustrate perfectly what will happen here if racial divides don’t keep it from happening.

Vote in Italy shows what will happen here if Democrats racial division strategy fails

The vote in Italy saw the wealthy elites side with the Left, while the middle and working-class voted for the Right.

In America, border communities with heavy Latino populations have been overwhelmed by constant waves of illegal border crossers that are enticed to come to the United States by elitist Democrats’ empty promises and financial promises from open borders NGOs.

Yet, look how these elites treated illegals when they show up in their exclusive neighborhoods.

Infuriatingly, Obama, who has a mansion in Martha’s Vineyard that could house 50 people, flew to the other side of the country to wag his finger about how anyone who opposes open borders is a racist.

Obama added, “I wish I could be more euphemistic about it except [they’re] not that subtle about it — they’re just kind of saying it…You hear it on hard-right media, you hear it from candidates and politicians, you hear things like ‘great replacement theory’ — I mean, this is not subtle. Unless we’re able to return to a more inclusive vision inside the Republican Party, it’s going to be hard to get a bill done…When you have that kind of rhetoric floating around out there, we’ve seen in history that is dangerous rhetoric. It’s dangerous wherever it appears and it’s dangerous here in the United States.”

This is a complete lie.

Democrats have been the ones bragging about an unbeatable political coalition due to the “browning of America.”

They have openly talked about it for 20 years.

The Democrats shamelessly frame any opposition to their political goals as racist, and people are getting sick of it.

Hispanic voters also appear to be trending red because of economic issues such as energy jobs, which tends to happen when people are allowed to assimilate into American society.

And that’s exactly what leftists don’t want.

They don’t want people coming to the country and adopting an American identity; they want them to vote in identity blocs.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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