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City that went insane during COVID is floating one eye-popping law that will infuriate you

There still has been no reckoning for the COVID regime. The United States went totalitarian for two years and people have been told to move...

Juneteenth celebration flew off the rails after an eruption of violence plagues this Democrat-ran city

America's Democrat-run cities have declined in multiple ways in recent years. The prevalence of crime in these cities has driven families and businesses away, but...

Los Angeles Lakers new head coach raised eyebrows with one shockingly vulgar statement at his intro presser

The Los Angeles Lakers have been a dysfunctional franchise for years. The organization has been hampered by bad drafts and bad coaching hires. And the Lakers’...

California Democrat just went off the deep end with her prediction of what a Trump win would mean

She’s always played fast and loose with the facts, but this is a new low, even for her. What it really conveys is a growing...

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