Attorney General roiled parents and now they’re hitting back

Democrats have used their control of America’s classrooms as a cudgel.

But one group of parents never imagined just how far across the line they’d jump. 

Now these parents are hitting back after getting roiled by the Attorney General.

Parents have sounded the alarm saying their children are being exposed to a slew of sexually explicit “learning” materials in Democrat-controlled school districts across the nation. 

For decades now, the radical Left have kept their push to grow sexuality and gender studies courses on American college campuses. 

Now it’s gone from a few educators indoctrinated on radical ideas to schools being flooded with teachers not only espousing them but politicians and education officials flat-out declaring it policy to force these opinions on children.

And right at the top of the list is the leftist belief that there is an infinite number of genders, and that people can change their gender at will despite there being no science to back those notions up. 

Teachers have even recently been caught secretly convincing young students to gender-alterations which involve permanent, life-shattering surgeries. 

California’s youth sex-change sanctuary law faces lawsuit

Parents are outraged, which has caused many states to pass statues banning such procedures on children. 

However, some states have done the exact opposite. 

California for example passed Senate Bill 107 last September, which classifies California as a sanctuary for youth seeking these surgeries. 

Outrage and anger ensued as a result, and now a lawsuit has been filed to put an end to it. 

An advocacy group known as Advocates for Faith and Freedom has filed a lawsuit against the Attorney General of California seeking to overturn the law and the recovery of legal fees. 

According to Advocates for Faith and Freedom’s filing, “California recently passed Senate Bill (‘SB’) 107, which violates the right of every parent in every state to direct the upbringing and care of their child.” 

They added “SB 107 allows minors to obtain gender transition procedures like harmful puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and irreversible surgeries without parental consent, while denying parents access to their child’s medical information. The bill also allows California to exercise ‘emergency jurisdiction’ over minors seeking gender dysphoria treatment.” 

In most states children cannot get tattoos until they are at least 18, yet with laws like SB 107, Democrats have shown they believe life-altering sex change operations for children are acceptable. 

If Advocates for Faith and Freedom’s lawsuit is successful, which many parents say is a step in the right direction, then it may stop other states from following California’s path. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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