At one Minnesota prison the inmates shockingly really were running the place

Criminal activity is rampant and prosecution is lax in Democrat-controlled areas of the country.

One could normally at least count on institutions of correction to have their inmates under control, but that has become too big an assumption.

Now at one Minnesota prison the inmates shockingly really were running the place.

The state of Minnesota’s Stillwater Prison was the site of high drama over the last weekend.

Local CBS Television affiliate WCCO reported that nearly 100 inmates had “taken over” a living unit inside the prison.

Prisoners: We’re not gonna take it any more

Their refusal to return to their cells led to police, firefighters, and other emergency responders being sent to the facility on Sunday.

Reportedly, the inmates’ beef was that they didn’t like dealing with the summer heat without air conditioning and certain other privileges in recent months amid recurring lockdowns.

According to the Department of Corrections, the inmates were in lockdown status over the Labor Day weekend.

That Department told the Associated Press that meant that inmates had only “limited access facility-wide to out-of-cell time for showers, phone use and recreation” and were mainly kept in their cells.

The local union representing correctional officers eagerly put out a statement blaming inadequate staffing for the ruckus, saying, “Today’s incident at MCF-Stillwater is endemic and highlights the truth behind the operations of the MN Department of Corrections with chronic understaffing leading to upset offenders due to the need to restrict programming and/or recreation time when there are not enough security staff to protect the facility.”

The statement continued, “Our union believes to our core that our correctional facilities cannot have transformational offender programming without sufficient facility security, we can and must have both.”

But some Twitter/X users were less than sympathetic to the inmates’ complaints.

User Terry Stevens sarcastically said, “Better send in some social workers to calm them down. Also hope there is a proper diversity among the mob participants.  Just asking, has anyone blamed the disturbance on Trump yet?”

Another said, “Well, it seems like Minnesota cares more about prison inmates than their own neighbors. How many people in Minneapolis don’t have air conditioning right now? I bet you it’s a pretty large number.”

The situation came to peaceful conclusion after a crisis negotiation team and the Special Operations Response Team were summoned “out of an abundance of caution.”

This prison is no stranger to inmate uprising.

In 2018, an officer was murdered by an inmate here.

He was reportedly beaten to death by a man with a hammer. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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