Arrogant pro-crime Mayors are baffled by the world they created

Citizens in the biggest blue cities are being overwhelmed by crime sprees.

Instead of solving the problem, leaders from America’s biggest cities are hobnobbing.

And those arrogant pro-crime Mayors are baffled by the world they created.

Almost any American who has followed the news over the past two years knows that leftist governors and mayors have allowed Marxist rioters and criminals to take over their cities.

That’s a big part of why real estate markets in red, comparatively rural states have been booming.

But Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot brings her own special brand of cluelessness to every party.

Recently New York City Mayor Eric Adams traveled to Chicago where he met with the Chicago Mayor for just under an hour to discuss surging crime rates.

“We both recognize that cities are really where things are happening,” Lightfoot said during a joint news conference. “We are the cultural, social, public policy laboratories across the country as well as driving this nation’s economic recovery.”

We can all be thankful Lightfoot has an inflated view of her influence – we sure wouldn’t want her driving this country anywhere.

Rather than focus on making Chicago a safe place to live and do business, the Chicago Mayor spent much of the past year locked in a battle with the police union over making COVID-19 vaccinations mandatory – regardless of whether they work or not.

While Lightfoot likes to think she’s at the center of power of the universe, the vast majority of Americans are blissfully unaware she exists.

The population of Chicago represents less than 1% of the United States population while the combined populations of Chicago and New York City amounts to about 3.5%.

Certainly, large cities should be leading the way to economic recovery, but that’s unlikely with leftists at the helm more concerned about creating more COVID-19 hysteria and pushing “equity” rather than enforcing the law.

Chicago is also home to some of the nation’s strictest gun laws, which has made it a playground for criminals who don’t mind skirting the rules and have the advantage of knowing that any law-abiding citizen they meet is unlikely to be armed.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is also busy barking up the wrong tree trying to go after weapons and pander to leftist race-based politics rather than hold individuals responsible for their behavior regardless of race or choice of weapon.

During his press conference with Lightfoot, he followed the leftist playbook perfectly.

“We have to turn off the faucet that is continually feeding the river of violence in our cities,” Adams said. “There’s a tint of racism to this. We don’t manufacture guns in Chicago but why are we able to remove 12,000 guns off the street? Where are they coming from?”

Following Adam’s logic is almost impossible as he tries to inexplicably link where guns are manufactured to racism.

After all, there are about 5.5 million shoes being used in Chicago on any given day – and most aren’t manufactured there either.

Does that make the shoes racist?

Rather than explain himself, Adams doubled down on the indecipherable rhetoric.

“America’s failure to define crisis, anything that happens outside of the Black and brown communities is defined as a crisis,” he added. “This is a crisis that we have been facing historically and it has been limited to certain geographical areas of our cities and our country.”

Naturally, even though their logic is impossible to follow – and their policies have been proven ineffective repeatedly – both Mayors want the federal government to give them more taxpayer money to mess up their cities faster and more thoroughly.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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