AOC foolishly predicted this solid red state will become a blue state soon

It is no secret that people in blue states are fleeing their home states in droves.

These political refugees are flocking to states with thriving economies such as Texas and Arizona in order to escape decades of mismanagement.

But Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez just foolishly predicted this solid red state will become a blue state soon.

As it stands, Texas is one of the most prosperous states in the union.

In fact, if Texas were an independent nation, it would have the 10th highest GDP in the world.

This is due to Texas’ robust economy, and pro-business regulations (or lack thereof).

Such regulations and laws include low or in some cases no taxes, and the abolition of forced unionism better known as Right to Work.

However, in recent years, due in part to the migration of political refugees from the west coast, elections in Texas have gotten closer and closer.

People refuse to change their voting habits, despite the fact that voting for leftists bankrupted their home states in the first place.

Well as Albert Einstein once said, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

And speaking of insanity, just the other day far-left member of Congress Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez visited the Lone Star State to shriek about how much she hates Texas’ success.

Cortez was quoted as saying “we will flip Texas blue and when we do we will unionize the hell out of it!”

How stupid can you get folks.

The last thing Texas needs is liberal (and vicariously union boss) control over the economy and state.

But at least AOC is honest about her insane Marxist vision for America.

If AOC and her comrades are ever successful in turning Texas blue, it is unclear where they would run next after they turn Texas into a southern version of California.

But let’s hope it does not come to that because as you know California is an absolute mess.

Thankfully, Texas is full of patriots who do not want dim-witted champagne socialists like AOC calling the shots.

In fact, Governor Abbot has been a vocal leader against the Biden administration and all of the insanity pouring out of Washington, D.C.

The truth is, the state of Texas, and the entire nation for that matter, cannot afford to have radical leftists like AOC calling the shots in the Lonestar State.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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