Antifa terrorists unleashed one disgusting attack during this insane protest

Radicals now control the Democrat Party.

As a result, far-left groups are allowed to operate with little consequence.

And Antifa terrorists unleashed one disgusting attack during this insane protest.

The entire concept of Antifa is absurd.

Authoritarian communists are being allowed to dress in all black with their faces covered and behave like a paramilitary group, threatening and attacking people in the streets.

In left-wing cities, Democrats permit Antifa to essentially do whatever they want.

The Democrat Media Complex are deeply concerned about journalists getting attacked on Twitter, but they have little interest in journalists getting attacked in real life.

For example, a conservative journalist for The Post Millennial was attacked by Antifa thugs in Seattle, and nobody on the Left cares.

Right-wing journalists – or simply non-leftist journalists – get assaulted and harassed by Antifa all the time, and it barely gets any attention.

Independent journalist Andy Ngo was beaten by Antifa goons and sent to the hospital with a brain injury.

On another occasion, Antifa terrorists chased Ngo through the streets of Portland and jumped him.

Thankfully for Ngo, a good Samaritan intervened and allowed him to take refuge in a nearby motel, which likely saved his life.

Antifa terrorists were out in the streets in full force because of communist-inspired May Day protests.

Deranged leftists were proudly sporting the hammer and sickle.

Seattle and Portland are two of the worst cities regarding left-wing policies run amok.

Former Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan allowed for the CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest) to carry on for weeks.

The CHOP was an “autonomous zone” claimed by communists and street criminals in the middle of downtown Seattle that quickly devolved into violence.

Durkan initially called the CHOP another “Summer of Love.”

Her attitude changed after at least one reported rape and a few murders.

In fact, the acronym CHOP was chosen as a reference to the guillotine, which became a symbol of the French Revolution.

The communist infestation is even worse in Portland.

Progressive Mayor Ted Wheeler won re-election because he was the “moderate” candidate.

He was running against a woman who called herself the “Antifa Mayor,” and there was a radical to her Left that split the communist vote.

Wheeler was even forced to move out of his apartment complex because of harassment from Antifa terrorists.

Downtown Portland has hammer-and-sickle graffiti everywhere along with calls for Andy Ngo to be murdered.

Democrats are empowering the nonsense on the far Left.

Unless they stand up to it in these deep-blue strongholds, the problem is only going to get worse.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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