Antifa terrorists did something to a police officer that will leave you red with rage

The Left claim that right-wing extremists are the greatest threat to the country.

Meanwhile, far-Left extremists have been allowed to operate without consequence.

And Antifa terrorists did something to a police officer that will leave you red with rage.

Portland has become ground zero for Antifa terrorism.

Thanks to far-Left leadership and pro-crime policies, Antifa has been allowed to run amok in the state.

The communist terror group firebombed a federal courthouse for weeks during the 2020 riots.

Now Antifa terrorists are openly threatening police officers in the city.

Real terrorist threats

Antifa wrote on a blog called Rose City Counter-Info, “Overnight, anarchists visited PPB cop Andrew Hearst at his home in Vancouver Washington…A personal vehicle that belongs to Andrew Hearst was discretely sabotaged. If you thought we would forget Quanice Hayes and Merle Hatch, the victims of Andrew Hearst, you are wrong.”

Antifa terrorists are allowed to threaten cops, yet neither state nor federal law enforcement are willing to do anything about it.

The Post Millennial reported that “the group said that Hayes was ‘murdered’ by Hearst ‘execution style,’ with Hayes being “unarmed and was complying with the conflicting orders the pigs were giving him…According to The Post Millennial’s Andy Ngo, Hearst had been cleared by a grand jury for the killing of Hayes. Hayes had been shot by police after he took a person hostage with a replica pistol…In 2013, Hatch was killed after charging at officers with what they say was a gun. It was later revealed that the gun was in fact a phone handle, according to OregonLive. In this case as well, a grand jury cleared Hearst.”

Leftist Mayor Ted Wheeler, who shockingly was the least radical of the candidates up for election, has completely surrendered to Antifa.

In fact, in 2020 he moved from his apartment complex after Antifa terrorists took over the lobby of the building.

The Antifa threat continued, “To every other killer cop who sleeps peacefully: if you think we would forget the people you killed or forget our anger over time, you will find out the hard way that we always remember. Hiding in your white suburbia house is not going to make you safe. You will never be safe. See you soon. If anyone else would like to pay a visit to Andrew Hearst, he lives with his wife [redacted] in the suburbs of [redacted]. The address is: [redacted]. They own two vehicles, [redacted]. Rest in power Quanice Hayes. Rest in power merle Hatch. You are not forgotten.”

Antifa has been allowed to completely capture a major American city.

But according to the establishment, right-wingers are the true threat.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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