Antifa just got some bad news after one horrific attack

Left-wing extremists do not exist if you judge by the legacy media’s coverage.

But an attack on Trump supporters finally caught someone’s attention.

Because Antifa just got some bad news after this horrific attack.

Antifa is finally getting a dose of accountability after years of violent attacks.

In relation to an ugly Pacific Beach attack in San Diego, six out of 11 Antifa goons have pled guilty on 16 various felony charges.

On January 9th, 2021, Antifa terrorists tear-gassed and beat teenagers wearing MAGA gear.

Brian Cortez Lightfoot, Jr., one of the purported ring leaders of the attack, has yet to plea and faces trial in March.

San Diego Police identified Antifa cell leader

San Diego police detective Emily Clark said she believed Lightfoot was one of the leaders because he had a walkie-talkie attached to his black vest.

Leftists routinely label Trump supporters as violent, but people wearing MAGA gear are far more likely to be the victims of political attacks than vice versa.

Detective Clark added, “That’s something that I’ve seen at protests where radios are passed out to different members of the protests and used for coordination throughout the duration of the protest and then turned back in.”

Clark said that Lightfoot was one of four Antifa rioters who had  walkie-talkies at the Pacific Beach incident.

Antifa groups have many hard-left allies on social media, in the podcast space, and even in the corporate press.

Studies have shown the connections between Antifa and journalists who constantly defend and even glorify the group.

One Washington Post journalist even ran a piece praising Antifa’s radical chic fashion.

After Lightfoot was arrested, members of his cell tried to scrub his affiliation with the group.

Co-defendant Luis Mora messaged other members of the particular Antifa cell, “Yo. Remove BIGMONEY and IMMORTAL. [Lightfoot and Faraz Martin Talab] They got snatched.”

Antifa terrorists avoid federal RICO investigations purportedly because there is no leader to the overall organization, but they fit all the hallmarks of a terror group.

They have a unifying ideology, symbol, costume, and tactics.

And each cell has a structure, which is ironic considering communism are supposed to be about no hierarchy at all.

More Antifa cells should be investigated after so many violent attacks in various cities, particularly Portland.

The terror group firebombed a federal courthouse for weeks with almost no resistance.

It’s about time some of these cretins face prison.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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