Antifa goons might not like this stunning announcement from Portland’s Mayor

He needed to be dragged kicking and screaming but it seems that Portland’s Mayor has finally seen the light.

You suppose it’s better late than never.

But Antifa goons might not like this stunning announcement from Portland’s Mayor.

Homelessness in Portland has skyrocketed 50 percent since 2019.

But only now has the mayor finally gotten around to addressing the problem.

Portland Mayor finally admits the truth about the serious “urban outdoorsman” problem he allowed to fester

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler says, “The magnitude and the depth of the homelessness crisis in our city is nothing short of a humanitarian catastrophe. Collectively, this is a vortex of misery for all involved.”

Just since Wheeler’s election, more than 700 homeless encampments have sprung up within roughly 146 square miles and there are over 3,000 homeless people throughout Portland.

Wheeler recently announced a plan to create “designated alternative camping sites with services.”

At these sites, homeless people would be able to get counseling for drug abuse and mental health problems.

Additionally, Wheeler wants to build 20,000 units of affordable housing over ten years in what he deems to be a “foundational solution” to the problem.

Wheeler said, “We need to move our scattered, vulnerable homeless population closer to the services that they need.”

The situation has gotten so dire for Democrats at the helm in this solidly blue state that some voters are seriously considering jumping ship and cynics might say that this goes a long way to explaining the mayor’s sudden change of heart.

Nike co-founder, and Oregon’s richest man Phil Knight is backing Christine Drazan (R) to defeat her Democrat rival, Tina Kotek, in the gubernatorial contest.

It seems clear that as Drazen has pulled into a lead, word must have gotten out that Wheeler needed to be a team player for the Democrats, and make it at least appear as though he’s fixing the city.

The Antifa goons who’ve run the city for years may or may not like the announcement.

On the one hand, the move could help physically dislodge them from the city.

Drug dens for Antifa?

On the other, buying them off with swanky new taxpayer-funded housing to turn into drug dens may be what Antifa goons wanted all along.

Wheeler has been blamed for crime skyrocketing, with Portland setting a record for murders last year when they reported 90 homicides – shattering the previous high of 66 – and could be about to surpass it this year.

Trendy and expensive neighborhoods of Portland are now overrun with tent cities crowding residential sidewalks and littered with trash – and the issue is scaring away both locals and tourists.

Earlier this month at a city council meeting, Portlander Gillian Rose called on Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler to take the issue of homelessness seriously

At the time, he simply laughed off her concerns that the encampments posed a safety risk.

In a rare interview, Phil Knight promised he would do whatever it took to end the Democrat’s stranglehold on power and described himself as “an anti-Tina Kotek person,” saying “One of the political cartoons after our legislative session had a person snorting cocaine out of a mountain of white. It said, ‘Which of these is illegal in Oregon?’ And the answer was the plastic straw.”

If that isn’t an absolutely stunning indictment of the ruling party of radical leftists, it’s hard to say what is.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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