Antifa goons are furious after a band of citizens plastered them with a hard-hitting ultimatum

The radicals have gotten away with running amok in cities “controlled” by Democrats.

But for those who have the will, the black shirt tactics of Antifa and BLM will not be tolerated.

And you can bet Antifa and Black Lives Matter goons are furious after this band of citizens plastered them with a hard-hitting ultimatum.

As a direct result of their failed socialist policies turning their cities into hellholes, leftists have invaded every corner of the nation.

Previously quiet towns have been transformed into posh suburban communities for the liberal elite overnight.

But residents of this small town are up in arms against this leftist city.

Socialism is spreading across America like a disease

Over the years a disturbing trend has developed across the nation.

Democrats in regions such as New England and the West Coast are moving to traditionally conservative areas in droves.

This is undoubtedly a result of their failed policies making life insufferable. So much so that even those on the Left have to go to places like the southeast where the economy is strong.

Even in blue states, small towns have been overrun by leftists fleeing the big city.

One such small town is the quiet town of Gladstone, Oregon which is just about 10 miles from Portland, Oregon.

Over the years, the political insanity of Portland, OR has slowly bled into this small town and residents are fed up.

As a direct result of Portlanders moving in droves to Gladstone, and bringing their insane politics with them, residents of Gladstone have started a grassroots movement called “ Don’t Portland my Gladstone”.

This movement in Gladstone is a direct reaction to violent political clashes that have occurred in recent years.

Portlanders are moving to this town in droves and are completely ruining the place.

The same thing is even happening in red states where leftists are spreading out from Democrat-controlled cities such as Austin, Texas and to many small conservative towns.

Residents in Gladstone have finally had enough of Portland’s mess, and this movement will hopefully detract people from moving into this town from Portland.

What is happening to Gladstone is happening all across America

The sad truth is, that what is happening to Gladstone, OR is happening to countless towns and communities across the nation.

Socialism is spreading around like a deadly cancer, and there is no end in sight.

Liberals have destroyed their home towns with disastrous far-Left politics, yet when they flee their home towns and home states they bring their same brain-dead politics with them.

As a result, many traditionally conservative areas such as Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia are in danger of shifting more and more to the Left.

However, the anti-Portland movement going on in Gladstone proves that this is a problem that is not limited to the southeast.

Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and outlying communities on the west coast are being ravaged by violent, far-Left politics.

The best way for people to prevent even more leftists from taking their communities over is by getting involved in local politics.

This is where leftists have been effective in recent years.

Once the Left controls schools boards, and boards of supervisors then the dominos begin to fall.

Socialism needs to be treated like a deadly disease in America, and should not be tolerated anywhere. The people of Gladstone are right to fight back.

If they don’t fight back then they will be swallowed up into Portland like many other communities.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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