Antifa and “street takeover” thugs revealed their deadly alliance in latest horrifying caught-on-video killing

Some Democrat-run cities are descending into hellscapes.

The rule of law is completely out the window.

And Antifa and “street takeover” thugs revealed their deadly alliance in the latest horrifying caught-on-video killing.

Portland has been completely captured by Antifa.

Leftists are in control of the government, so nobody in the city is allowed to do anything about the masked communist terrorists roaming the streets.

Also, the fellow travelers in the local media provide cover for Antifa.

The latest deadly Antifa alliance

On top of that, Antifa has attempted to ally with criminal gangs, whom they view as victims of America’s capitalist system.

And their deadly alliance was on display when a motorist tragically drove into the teeth of a “street takeover” and got shot at repeatedly.

The Post Millennial reported that “at one of the street racing takeovers on Sunday night near the Expo Center attended by hundreds, an elderly man in a van appeared to be caught in the road before being violently attacked by an armed mob. Video posted on social media shows that as he desperately attempted to reverse and drive away while being attacked, he backed into a car.

A man in the crowd then fires at least 18 rounds at his fleeing van. A follow-up video shows the crowd catching up with the elderly man who had stopped on a patch of grass. He appeared to be in shock and was bleeding heavily.”

Portland Police said in a statement, “There were hundreds of people and cars in the area participating in an apparent illegal street takeover event, making it difficult for officers to respond and investigate the shooting.”

The ugly scene underscored the lawlessness that has taken over in Portland.

In 2020, Antifa firebombed a federal courthouse for weeks, and suffered virtually no consequences.

Street takeovers “use up police resources,” helping Antifa conduct more chaos

The Post Millennial added that “in addition to the elderly man who appeared to be shot, two participants of the takeover were also injured by gunfire, leading to the death of 20-year-old Cameron Taylor. A $20,000 GoFundMe campaign for his funeral says he was ‘struck by a stray bullet.’ On Twitter, Antifa accounts have been promoting the fundraiser. Antifa in Portland have expressed support for street car takeovers as they have become more frequent following the Antifa-BLM riots in 2020. Antifa view it as one of the ways to undermine law and order, and use up police resources.”

Portland is suffering from anarcho-tyranny.

And now the alliance of Antifa and “street takeover” thugs is making it worse.

Law-abiding citizens get punished while criminals run amok.

And leadership won’t lift a finger to do anything about it.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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