Anti-Trump “war zone” has left this devastating toll

There is no way of denying it, America is heading down a bad path.

Leftists’ habits of making a spectacle of themselves and openly destroying the country began ramping to a fever pitch the moment Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Now one Anti-Trump “war zone” has left this devastating toll.

The simple truth is, homelessness has gotten out of control in most major cities across the country.

Look at any major city in America, the streets are lined with needles, homeless bums and trash.

This is especially true in major west coast cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver where homeless bums seem to have more rights than law abiding, tax paying citizens.

But scared residents across one major city are in worse shape than most.

And in one Portland, Oregon neighborhood, they cannot leave their homes due to a nearby homeless camp.

If any city in the country epitomizes the homeless crisis in America, it is Portland.

You will see tents everywhere, and where there are tents, used drug needles and crime are not far away.

For years, Portland has been at the forefront of brain-dead policies designed to make life as comfortable as possible for bums.

Bums in Portland have the right to set up their tents just about anywhere under the guise of “urban camping”.

And removing them is a nearly impossible task.

It’s no wonder the city became a perpetual anti-Trump “war zone” during the Donald Trump’s time in office, and the center of the so-called “resistance.”

But when it comes to brain dead-liberal policies, it’s all fun and games until it affects them.

And in Portland, even the most radical liberals are becoming fed up with the inescapable homeless problem they have created.

One long time resident finally spoke out to the local Portland media about how things have gotten.

This resident claimed to his local NBC station KGW8 that “We live in a war zone basically and there’s nothing I can do.”

He went on to say “Even when I was getting assaulted, we called the police, there’s no response,”

“Expect for the murder, this probably takes second place for the crazy stuff that’s been going on,” another concerned resident stated.

No law abiding citizen in America should have to live in such fear.

Every city owes it to residents to keep the streets clean and safe.

But a “war zone” is what you get from Democrat policies.

Portland politicians’ inaction in cleaning up their city is unacceptable.

But there is something these Portlanders can do about this homeless crisis.

And that is to stop voting for radical socialists who have made it their life’s mission to destroy their city.

These socialist are to blame for enabling these bums to take over the streets.

And when it comes to homeless people, nearly all of them are in some phase of drug addiction.

These are not regular people who are just down on their luck.

These are dangerous, unhinged drug addicts who will do anything to get their next fix.

The people of Portland deserve better than to live their lives in a constant state of fear.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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