Another blue state is copying California’s insane plan that would bankrupt the state

Democrats are quickly moving to the radical left.

The moderates in the party don’t seem to realize the extremism of the hard-left flank.

Now another blue state is copying California’s insane plan that would bankrupt the state.

It’s hard for everyday Republicans and Democrats to comprehend just how radial hardcore leftists are.

They seem to think that simply compromising with the radicals will ensure peace.

But the radicals do not want peace; they want revolution.

And one radical idea that has gained traction over the past few years is the case for slavery reparations.

The argument for reparations petered out long ago, but leftists never give up on an idea.

California recently commissioned a study on reparations that would cost the state $569 billion if implemented, paying each black resident $223,200.

Now Massachusetts is getting in on the act.

Boston City Council unanimously votes to study reparations

Boston wants to empanel a similar group to study reparations in the city.

Timcast News reported that “Boston’s city council has voted to form a commission to study reparations for the city’s black residents as a form of redress for the city’s role in slavery and post-slavery discrimination. The measure was passed by unanimous vote on Dec. 14, and places Boston among a growing number of jurisdictions throughout the country studying the issue of reparations. Reparations supporters cite Boston’s history of segregated housing and political economy that reduced opportunities for blacks as part of the need to consider a reparations package…”

Even though Massachusetts was not a slave state, radical leftists argue the downstream effects of the widespread institution of slavery.

Almost all left-wing arguments follow a similar pattern; there are always indirect—even hidden—systemic effects that require some radical government action.

Boston City Councilwoman Julia Mejia argued, “This ordinance is only the start of a long awaited yet necessary conversation…The City of Boston, like many areas around the United States, has profited from the labor of enslaved African Americans and has further disadvantaged them by barring them from participating in the same economic mobility opportunities as their white counterparts.”

The “conversation” never ends, and it is not intended to end.

Leftists must keep grievances alive for their revolutionary message to resonate.

That’s why leftists do not acknowledge progress; every moment in history has to be as bad as it’s ever been.

Mejia added that Boson can “formally apologize for its role in the slave trade, how city laws and policies continue to disproportionately impact African Americans and how those injuries can be reversed.”

It won’t end with California and Boston.

Other Democratic strongholds around the country are getting in on the reparations discussion.

It doesn’t matter that all slaves and slave owners have long been dead.

What matters is keeping injustice front of mind at all times.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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