An elderly man was viciously attacked practically on the doorstep of the Mayor in this iconic American city

There is no denying that crime in this country has gotten completely out of hand.

This is especially true in major left-wing cities that have taken a weak stance on crime over the last couple of years.

But this one attack in an iconic American city is guaranteed to give you chills.

Of all of the cities experiencing a surge in crime, New York City has to be among the worst.

Nearly every day on the news you can find horrifying instances of random people being assaulted for no apparent reason at all.

One such attack occurred on Christmas morning of all days in a very nice neighborhood in New York . . . in fact just blocks away from the Mayoral Mansion.

An elderly man in his 80’s was walking his dog around midnight, when he stopped to talk to an individual who was walking a stroller around.

Then out of nowhere a man came over and violently knocked the elderly man to the ground.

The video footage shared by the defunded NYPD 19th district is guaranteed to make you angry.

To make matters worse, following the attack, the suspect turned around and flashed some sort of hand signal at the fallen man.

The hand signal is believed to be either a gang sign or a middle finger.

The attack at this point appears to be completely random.

Fortunately, the victim is completely fine and required very little medical attention.

The sad part is, random acts of violence like this against elderly people are very common in major cities across the nation like New York City.

The cause of this rise in violence?

Well, that is easy, look no further than the stupid pro-crime laws passed by many cities in the wake of the 2020 race riots.

It is now harder than ever to put hardened criminals in jail, and in many cities criminals can get away with just about anything and face $0 bail.

Even if criminals have to serve in jail, sentences are laughably short and do absolutely nothing to deter crime.

These pro-crime policies in the name of social justice have made cities like New York City unlivable.

Cities like these need major reform and fast.

But at this point it might just be easier for people to get the hell out while they can.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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