An arsonist was stunned at the sentence he received for trying to burn down a high school during a Black Lives Matter riot

A rioter was finally convicted of setting fire to a high school during a 2020 riot.

Ironically, a picture of one of the most famous black artists in Minnesota is predominantly displayed outside of the institution.

But even the arsonist was stunned at the sentence he received for trying to burn down a high school during a Black Lives Matter riot.

Twenty-year-old Mohamed Hussein Abdi joined in the Black Lives Matter riots shortly after George Floyd’s death, chucking rocks at police officers and crawling into a high school to set fire to it.

Because, you know, what the downtrodden really want is academic institutions they get to use for free burnt to the ground.

Abdi crawled through a window he broke and was caught on security camera footage pouring liquid – presumably fuel – on the floor and in a garbage can.

He ran away once smoke started billowing out of the can.

He was arrested a month after he tried to burn down the school but is walking away with only five years of probation and a $34,000 bill for the damage he caused in Gordon Parks High School.

The Saint Paul School’s demographics include: 46.5% black students, 18.8% Hispanic students, and 18.1% Asian students.

In 2020, students at the alternative high school were forced to receive their diplomas in the parking lot due to fire damage and looting that destroyed a place dedicated to giving them a better start in life.

Ironically, the school is named after photographer Gordon Parks who was the first black photographer to work for Life magazine and Vogue magazine.

He was also the first black director to make a feature film in Hollywood.

His great niece, Robin Hickman-Winfield, who worked with him and now works at the school was heartbroken to witness the destruction.

“Seeing flames in trash cans in the cafeteria, seeing windows broken, seeing the school vandalized. People who are fighting for the justice of the black man going to torch a building with the black man on the front of it,” Hickman-Winfield said.

Gordon was a leader in fighting racism positively.

“As Uncle Gordon often said, shooting my camera proved to be more powerful than shooting a gun.”

Inexplicably, evidence presented in Abdi’s case showed that he worked with a friend to target the high school.

The more we learn about the far-left, the harder it is to understand why they are so committed to destroying everything good in this country – especially in ways that will directly hurt those they claim to be fighting for.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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