An Antifa terrorist did one thing that will make your blood run cold

Antifa radicals have caused destruction all over the country.

They’ve burned down cities and even killed people.

But an Antifa terrorist did one thing that will make your blood run cold.

The Left has tried to turn abortion into a wedge issue after the unprecedented Supreme Court leak that caused a draft opinion to go viral.

The draft opinion signaled the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which sent leftists into a furor.

But the outrage has abated in part because Americans do not support the Left’s ghoulish stance on abortion.

For example, one Antifa terrorist explained that she “saved her life” by getting an abortion at 28 weeks.

Portland-based independent journalist Andy Ngo reported:

“Jennifer Thompson, an extremist abortion & BLM activist in Portland, has shared in graphic detail her recent decision to end the life of her viable baby at nearly seven months of pregnancy. She was an attendee of the #Antifa riots in 2020.”

The deranged leftist explained in an infuriating tweet thread that “I noticed an abnormality in my discharge. I googled what it could be and one of the possibilities was pregnancy. My period had already been irregular due to tear gas, and I wanted to rule pregnancy out. I ordered a pregnancy test . . . I don’t know what you may or may not take from my experience but what I do know is I’m sharing this for me and any other human being who has needed access to reproductive healthcare and has been SAVED because of it.”

There was no urgent health issue.

She “saved her life” by simply killing her baby so she wouldn’t be inconvenienced.

This is why the Democrats are not making big gains with voters on abortion.

Roughly two-thirds of Americans are against abortion after the first trimester, and 81% are against it after the second trimester.

At 28 weeks, she was solidly in fringe territory.

This is the position that Democrats have tried to push.

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called for a vote on a bill that would permit abortion up to the point of birth in all 50 states.

He couldn’t even get all the Democrats in the Senate, and the bill went down in flames.

Republicans can run on abortion and win, and one reason why is because Democrats have run to the most radical position possible.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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