Alvin Bragg just let out a yawn after seeing this damaging report

If you visited or lived in New York City during the 1970’s, then you know firsthand just how dangerous and disgusting Times Square was. 

Adult entertainment stores and venues, drug dealers, and vagabonds proliferated the square, and thanks to some diligent remodeling, Times Square eventually became a vivacious tourist hub. 

But Alvin Bragg just let out a yawn after seeing this damaging report. 

Times Square has returned to its former misery, and things are only going to get worse

Back in the day, Times Square was an absolute pig sty. 

Families were advised to stay very far away from the strip joints, adult video stores, and the throngs of pushers and users of non-FDA approved drugs who proliferated Times Square. 

However, a number of diligent lawmakers including former Mayor Rudy Giuliani prioritized revitalizing this hub. 

Times Square was transformed into a bustling tourist trap, which any true New Yorker advises avoiding.  Nonetheless, it became a relatively safe place for tourists and families to wonder about.

But, given the recent rise in crime across the Big Apple, Times Square has descended back to its former status as a grimy hell pit. 

Former NYPD commissioner William Bratton, who served under former Mayor Rudy Giuliani during the cleanup of Times Square, recently spoke out to the press about the recent decline of Times Square. 

Per Bratton, “A lot of people are worried about [Times Square] collapsing. And unless they start getting it together for a rebuild, it might actually collapse.”

He added, “We had a lot more to work with than the current commissioner and the mayor have in 2023.  There was a lot more of a criminal justice system back then. The courts, district attorneys, and the police were pretty much united about doing something about crime in Times Square. So you had a collaboration that is not in place today.”

Bratton went on to name New York District Attorney Alvin Bragg and Mayor Eric Adams as culprits for allowing New York City and Times Square to decline so rapidly. 


Times Square is just one example of institutions ruined by the radical Left

Although the decline of Times Square is a visible example of New York City’s overall decline, it is far from the only example, or even the most significant example. 

New York’s subway system is virtually unusable these days due to the rise in violent crime across the city. 

To make matters worse, New Yorkers are afraid to leave their homes all across the city due to fears of being robbed, attacked, or molested. 

New York City is on the decline, and as long as radical Democrats are calling the shots, this will only get worse. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates on this ongoing story. 


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