Alleged perp in horrifying baby stroller bat attack video was caught off guard after hearing these five words 

The Windy City has gone from bad to worse in the past few years as it’s become crime-infested.

As voters have just traded Mayor Lori Lightfoot for an even more radical leftist, the fear is that the city hasn’t reached rock-bottom yet.

But the perp in this horrifying baby stroller bat attack video was caught off guard after hearing these five words.

Authorities say that a 26-year old woman called Denise Solorzano went on a battery spree and carried out six attacks on the Northwest side of Chicago.

She’s now facing an $800,000 bond.

Video shows a total menace to society

It all stems from an alleged battery spree where eight women were attacked — five with a black and yellow metal baseball bat.

According to prosecutors, in the first incident, Solorzano was driving in a white Subaru sedan and happened upon a 33-year-old woman when she yelled, “I’m going to beat your ass.” 

The woman was punched multiple times and was driven to the hospital by her husband.

An hour later in another apparently unprovoked incident a 19-year-old woman heard from behind, “what would you do if I punched you in the face?”

Solzano then allegedly grabbed her hair and punched her three times in the head.

Another woman intervened and then Solzano is alleged to have struck that woman three times, pulling out a chunk of her hair as she took her to the ground.

Two days later is when Solzano is accused of pulling up in her car to two women and a baby stroller.

Prosecutors allege Solorzano pulled up and yelled, “what would you do if I beat you with this bat?”

Both women were hit in the arms and hands as they tried to defend themselves from bat swings landing very close to the stroller.

A neighbor recorded this video, then called the police but not before Solorzano allegedly took off.

Still another incident occurred when a 34-year-old woman walking her dog encountered Solorzano on the sidewalk.

Again Solorzano is alleged to have said, “What would happen if I bashed you with this bat?”

After suffering blows to the back, shoulder, arm and elbow the woman was transported to the hospital.

In some jurisdictions, the circumstances of these attacks could allow a citizen to answer Solorzano with deadly force.

Solorzano may have easily been dissuaded from attacking if just one of the victims could have presented a firearm. 

In fact, in most defensive use of firearms, a shot is never fired.

But this is Chicago, Illinois after all.

Prosecutors in states like Illinois and New York have made it clear they’ll go after Good Samaritans and citizens who fight back when they reasonably believe their lives or their loved ones’ are in danger.

As Marine Daniel Penny recently found out in New York City, prosecutors like Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg will go after you with criminal charges even if you just physically restrained an attacker. 

In a final set of incidents, Solorzano allegedly hit another woman in the arm and yet another woman, a dog walker, in the head with the bat.

If anyone needs to be off the streets, it’s this woman

This time witnesses got the license plate number and told police her sedan had a pink crown sticker on it.

Solorzano was taken into custody and a family member turned over the car to police.

The judge said, “The court finds this defendant to be a real and present danger to the community — a substantial bond is necessary to protect the community and ensures this defendant returns.”

Solorzano’s defense told the judge her family could only post $100 for bond.

In a rare “feel good” moment involving Chicago and criminal justice, sanity prevailed this time.

Solorzano now faces an $800,000 bond, with the judge pointing to $100,000 per victim for the “safety of women and children.”

After court, her mother stated that Solorzano has schizophrenia and has struggled to get treatment.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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