All hell broke loose after an argument escalated in this dangerous city

It is no secret that violent crime is sweeping our nation right now.

However, the brutality and boldness of these criminals are unlike anything we have seen in recent memory.

And this brutality was on full display in this dangerous city after all hell broke loose following an argument.

When looking at American cities, the ones that have declined the most are arguably in the Midwest in the so-called “rust belt.”

These old hubs of manufacturing have been shut down now that most manufacturing jobs in this nation have been outsourced to nations where it is much cheaper to produce goods like China or India.

As a result, cities that were at one time boomtowns are now hollow shells of their former selves.

Blue-collar workers have moved out and crime and drug use have skyrocketed.

The best example of this phenomenon is in the city of Detroit.

Once called “Motor City,” this city produced most of the automobiles in the USA.

Good paying jobs were plentiful and business was booming.

At one time, Detroit was the third most populated city in the United States.

But ever since the stock market crash of 2009, along with the outsourcing of these sorts of jobs, Detroit has turned into a total hellscape.

You literally cannot pay people to live here anymore.

Manufacturing is dead and crime is through the roof.

And a primary example of why you should avoid Detroit happened just the other day in the east side of the city.

What began as a fight between two rival gangs quickly escalated into a full-on gun battle between 20 people aged 15 to 29.

As a result of this battle, four people were shot.

It is unclear at this point how serious those gunshot wounds are.

Unfortunately, massive gunfights like this have become a part of everyday life for people in Detroit.

Despite the Left’s massive efforts to implement radical gun control policies, nothing seems to work.

Shocker, since gun control is never the answer.

At the end of the day, the radical Left is to blame for this sort of violence that is spreading to every corner of our nation.

Criminals feel more emboldened than ever to engage in violent crimes like this, which puts many people in danger.

As long as radical Democrats continue to run major cities such as Detroit, do not expect violence like this to end anytime soon.

The only thing the people of Detroit can do at this point is what millions have already done.


Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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