All hell breaks loose at a movie theater at Black Phone screening

The honest truth of the matter is that society, and particularly American society, is crumbling everywhere you look. 

Too many people these days simply have absolutely no sense of civility or common sense. 

For proof, just look at the chaos that unfolded in this movie theater during a Black Phone screening in one of America’s most crime-ridden cities. 

In America these days it seems like that everywhere you look, there is mayhem, crime, and chaos. 

It seems that way because it is that way. 

People have become so emboldened by years of radical leftist talking points to the point that they no longer give a damn about following the law or respecting their neighbors. 

This is especially true in many of America’s cities and urban centers, which have been completely destroyed by liberal politics. 

Policies such as defunding the police, allowing criminals to go back onto the streets after committing heinous crimes, legalizing every drug under the sun and incentivizing homelessness have destroyed America’s cities. 

It is virtually impossible these days to walk down a city street without being assailed by some drugged up bum. 

And if it is not a dirty bum, it is a group of marauding unsupervised teenagers, much like the teens who beat an elderly man in Philadelphia with a traffic cone for the sport of it last week. 

The most recent example of America descending into chaos came from the city of Minneapolis, or to be more specific the neighboring community of Eagan. 

During a nighttime screening of the movie Black Phone a group of unidentified miscreants broke into the theater and set off hundreds of fireworks, causing panic and utter chaos. 

Many of the people who were watching the movie describe utter horror as they honestly believed they were being bombed and shot at. 

And given how dangerous things have become, it is hard to blame them for having this reaction. 

These actions go well above what should be considered a prank.  This was a deliberate attempt to cause panic and chaos. 

The sad thing is, acts like this are very common in Minneapolis, which has been turned into a hellscape by the liberals who run that city. 

As you may remember, Minneapolis was the focal point of the 2020 riots, and saw an incredible amount of damage from the rioting. 

Instead of cracking down on this lawlessness, the idiots who run Minneapolis implemented a slew of radical policies that massively defunded the police and made it harder than ever to apprehend career criminals. 

With that in mind, expect instances like this to happen more often. 

Minneapolis was once a great American city, but like many cities across the nation, it has been completely destroyed by the far-Left.  

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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