Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s response to the Supreme Court just led to one jaw-dropping murder attempt in this blue city

The Democrats have gone completely crazy.

It’s no surprise the Left has abandoned the guardrails of civil society when the Democrat Party continues to celebrate unhinged politicians like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

And now her response to the Supreme Court just led to one jaw-dropping murder attempt in one this blue city.

Leftists politicians are allowed to spew the most radical vile without regard to truth or decency and face zero consequences.

Since the unprecedented Supreme Court leak of Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion that signaled the reversal of Roe v. Wade, leftist terrorists have been on the war path.

Multiple crisis pregnancy centers were firebombed across the country, and a deranged leftist attempted to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanaugh at his home.

And there was almost no condemnation from the Democrats because they secretly wanted their shock troops to wreak havoc.

Now that the official Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe has come down, even prominent Democrats are openly calling for escalation.

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a self-described democratic socialist, raced to call the Supreme Court “illegitimate” and encouraged leftists to get “into the streets.”

It should be noted that Ocasio-Cortez was street protesting alongside Sunsara Taylor, a known Communist activist and acolyte of New Left Maoist Bob Avakian.

Democrats can appear with Communists without any political blowback.

They can also lie and pretend that the Court’s decision made abortion illegal nationwide.

If they were honest, you think there’d be almost no protests occurring in blue states because abortion laws won’t change in those states.

But doesn’t matter to leftist terrorist who heeded the call from Ocasio-Cortez and steamed “into the streets” in blue cities nationwide.

In Los Angeles, an Antifa goon attempted to light police officers on fire with a makeshift flamethrower, following Ocasio-Cortez’s encouragement.

While the man alleged responsible was arrested and charged with attempted murder, you won’t likely hear about the incident from the Democrat Media Complex.

After all, this kind of violent radicalism is routinely downplayed or ignored altogether by the Left.

The Democrat Party mouthpieces in the media elite want people to be focused on rare instances of right-wing violence they blow way out of proportion, instead of the very real, pervasive, prolonged left-wing violence that occurs whenever leftists do not get their way.

The 2020 riots lasted for months without Democrats saying anything.

The corporate-controlled press characterized the riots as “mostly peaceful” despite buildings and cars set ablaze in the background of news reports.

The country suffered billions of dollars in property damage and dozens of lives lost, but the Democrats were not held accountable.

Meanwhile, Kamala Harris and Hollywood celebrities contributed to bail funds for street protestors.

Harris even told them, “Don’t let up!”

When Ocasio-Cortez was asked to condemn violence committed in response to the Supreme Court, she would not.

This is at least the second time she has called for violence, then did not condemn it.

Ocasio-Cortez called ICE facilities “concentration camps.”

When a deranged Antifa terrorist died trying to “liberate” one of the facilities in Tacoma, Washington, Ocasio-Cortez refused to talk to the press.

The Left are radicalizing people, and they do not care about the consequences.

It remains to be seen how much this blue state-style violence will increase and spill into the rest of America as the 2022 midterms approach.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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