Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders panicked after this humiliation in a Democrat stronghold

Democrat-run cities have quickly deteriorated.

Wild leftists have been allowed to implement harmful policies.

But now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders have begun to panic after this humiliation in a Democrat stronghold.

Democrat strongholds have been electing far-left candidates in recent years.

Philadelphia re-elected far-left George Soros District Attorney Larry Krasner, and his pro-crime policies have led to some of the bloodiest years in city history.

However, Philadelphians might slowly be waking up as far-left mayoral candidate Helen Gym, who was endorsed by Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders, lost in the city’s Democrat mayoral primary.

AOC/Sanders-endorsed Philly candidate goes down in primary

Gym lost to Cherelle Parker, the more moderate candidate.

With Democrats’ overwhelming voter registration advantage, a Parker win in the general election is considered all but a formality.

Parker broke from radical leftists who wanted to defund police.

Part of Parker’s platform was “[h]iring 300 additional foot and bike patrol officers to walk a beat in every neighborhood of the city, getting to know the community they’re sworn to protect and serve – without any tolerance for misuse or abuse of their power.”

That’s a departure from the Left’s nonsense about abolishing the police, which they don’t even really mean; they simply want a police force that they control.

Another plank of Parker’s agenda was “[f]illing current vacancies within the police department and addressing other personnel challenges – including rehiring retired police officers and hiring civilians to fill administrative roles to get sworn officers back on the streets.”

Philadelphia has been struck by harrowing crime incidents over the past few years.

In a horrific story, young teens out at night beat an elderly man to death with a traffic cone.

Current Mayor threw up his hands long ago

After a police officer was shot on the Fourth of July, current Mayor Jim Kenney confessed to a reporter, “I’m waiting for something bad to happen all the time. So I’ll be happy when I’m not here, when I’m not mayor, and I can enjoy some stuff.”

At the time, Parker responded,“I think the mayor’s comments were asinine. I told him that if you can feel this way imagine how Philadelphians who don’t have the ability to check out feel.”

Parker will have her chance in the driver’s seat.

People are playing close attention to see if she can rein in Philadelphia’s crime problem.

But she’ll have at least one hand tied behind her back with a Soros DA running wild with pro-crime policies.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.



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