Adam Schiff needed a drink after what Piers Morgan did to this Democrat vying for Dianne Feinstein’s seat

Democrats are lining up to replace California’s senior U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein.

But those who want to take over for the 89-year-old Democrat may need to rethink their strategies.

And Adam Schiff needed a drink after what Piers Morgan did to this Democrat vying for Dianne Feinstein’s seat.

One of top Democrats vying for Feinstein’s seat just got lit up by Piers Morgan

California Democrats Adam Schiff and Katie Porter are two of the several members of Congress gunning for Feinstein’s Senate seat.

Schiff clearly thinks the Democrat Party is his oyster after he led the impeachment witch hunt against Donald Trump.

And Porter, who narrowly won re-election, is a darling of the left-wing media.

But she just had a disastrous performance on Bill Maher’s Real Time.

Porter tried to attack former University of Kentucky swimmer Riley Gaines, who was recently attacked by a deranged “woke” mob at San Francisco State University.

Gaines has become a public figure for her willingness to stand up to the radical policy of biological males competing against females in competitive sports.

Gaines was forced to compete against University of Pennsylvania swimmer Lia Thomas, who was a middling swimmer on the men’s team before blowing away the competition in the women’s division.

Don’t mess with Riley Gaines

Porter tried to take a cheap shot at Gaines, but co-panelist Piers Morgan was not having any of it.

Porter said she “strongly” disagreed with Gaines.

Morgan asked her, “What do you disagree with?”

Porter responded, “I think that what she has done is tried to turn this—we talked about people becoming, using things to kind of get likes and get clicks.”

In other words, Porter accused her of being a “grifter.”

Morgan shot back, “That’s not what she’s doing…All I’ve seen her do is stand up for women’s rights, fairness, and equality. She actually competed against Lia Thomas, and it was obviously unfair. Lia Thomas won one of the races in the NCAA championships by 50 seconds against a bunch of biological females who simply couldn’t keep up. That cannot be right. It cannot be fair.”

Morgan was met with hearty applause, which put Porter on her heels.

So-called feminists are having a terrible time defending the “woke” nonsense of the radical transgender movement.

Maher chimed in and said, “Wasn’t that the point of Title IX? … It was a major event in feminism that we finally have this law that…women’s sports have to be given equal to men’s sports…And this led to the WNBA and lots of other stuff. This seems to be the opposite of that. It seems to be so many instances, I think, where wokeness is the opposite of what I grew up as liberalism.”

If Porter wants Feinstein’s seat, she’s going to have to thread the needle of appeasing the “woke” mob without alienating whichever moderates remain in the Democrat Party.

Did Porter’s Real Time disaster drive Schiff to the sauce?

But a better target to direct criticism over trying to “get likes” would be her chief opponent in the Democrat primary.

If anyone needs to be called out for such a thing it’s anyone appearing in this photo: 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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