A woman was thrown on the subway tracks in another random attack in this violent city

There is no way to deny it, violent crime has become a part of everyday life in America. 

That is especially true in most major cities where random attacks on innocent bystanders is becoming an alarming new trend. 

This was very evident the other day in this major city when a woman was senselessly pushed on the subway tracks. 

Not only is violent crime rising to shocking levels across America, but these violent crimes are more brash and brazen than anytime in recent memory.

Almost every day, news feeds are filled with horrific senseless murders often caused by career criminals who should not be on the streets in the first place. 

This is because many cities across America have adopted radical pro-crime policies. 

These policies often allow criminals to face little to no punishment for their crimes regardless of how damaging and heinous they might be. 

As a direct result, many cities are seeing massive spikes in crime and nobody is safe.

A disturbing trend as of late involves people committing random acts of violence against innocent bystanders.

Often somebody is pushed over or attacked brutally by an individual or a mob.

This disturbing trend is especially on the rise in the metropolis of New York City.

Almost every day a new incident occurs in the Big Apple involving some old lady being attacked in some violent assault.

And so far it seems as if the police and Mayor Eric Adams are not prepared to take any steps to stop such crime.

Unfortunately, their inaction has led to another one of these crimes happening. 

A 52-year-old woman was senselessly pushed onto train tracks at a subway station in New York City.

The woman is injured, but was thankfully not run over by a train due to some help from bystanders and is expected to make a full recovery. 

But due to the boldness of this crime, police were able to spread the image of the attacker across the city.

And people obviously tuned in because police were able to find the perpetrator and charge him with reckless endangerment and assault. 

Very weak charges, mind you, but charges nonetheless.

This attack should have been treated as an attempted murder. 

You don’t push somebody in front of a train to merely hurt them, you do it to kill them. 

As long as the city of New York continues to take this pro-crime stance, then crimes like this will only continue to happen. 

But what is happening in New York City could easily happen to the rest of the country if people are not careful. 

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 


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