A whistleblower just exposed major corruption at a prominent leftist propaganda outlet

In recent years it’s been common for leftist “trackers” to follow conservative political candidates on the campaign trail.

These trackers work in tandem with leftist blogs and propaganda outlets, aiming to smear any controversial statement into the next Watergate – so that tells you everything you need to know about the ethics of these organizations.

But a whistleblower just exposed major corruption at a prominent leftist propaganda outlet.

Timothy Johnson, a former “researcher” with Media Matters for America, announced that he had left the organization after ten years, and it didn’t happen on good terms.

Johnson embarked on a rare “twofer,” where he both accused his former boss of covering for a sexual predator, and also apologized for his time with Media Matters.

It seems that Johnson somehow came around to the idea that the organization dedicated to using out-of-context quotes, accusations, and old tweets to destroy the livelihoods of its political enemies is not the respectable place he thought it was.

Johnson also claimed that editorial director Ben Dimiero was aware for years that a male staff member was engaging in sexual misconduct but did nothing to stop him.

In a long thread, Johnson wrote, “This man suddenly resigned. And to my shame, I went out with him after work that day and we all got really drunk. He told me a sob story, I bought it, and the night ended with him being carried up to his apartment. Not too long later, I learned the truth of why he “resigned.” He was dismissed because of his sexual misconduct. But only after years of people in authority positions knowing about what he was doing.”

After accusing Dimiero, Johnson received a cease and desist letter from the Elias law group (that would be Marc Elias, Russian collusion hoax peddler and Hillary Clinton hack) demanding he remove his Twitter thread.

The letter states, “MMFA separated your employment in April because your conduct did not meet MMFA’s expectations as a result of such issues as abandoning work shifts without following MMFA’s notice procedures, and insubordinate and bullying communications directed toward your coworkers.”

One Twitter user asked Johnson, “Why would you work at such a garbage place for 10 years? Do you have no principles, ethics, morals?”

Johnson replied, “And comments like this have a point. I thought I did, but apparently not. Something I need to change.”

Johnson’s miraculous awakening to what Media Matters for America really is all about was obviously conveniently timed, but any light of truth that shines on such an organization that is pure poison is welcomed.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story. 


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