A Washington State Dem is running scared over her disastrous policy now that an election looms

Big Tech and Corporate media work overtime to run cover for Democrats, as the New York Post can attest from its treatment during the last election.

But sometimes leftist failure is so obvious that not even propaganda that would make Pravda blush can spin it away.

Now, a Washington State Dem is running scared over her disastrous policy as an election looms.

Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) called a federal gas tax holiday a “bad idea” that would likely be ineffective at lowering fuel prices more than a few meager pennies temporarily.

This has been the Democrat Party line for over a decade.

Barack Obama said essentially the same thing in his 2008 presidential run.

But Murray’s stance was so “last year.”

Now, she’s up for re-election, as gas prices have skyrocketed under President Biden’s “leadership” and the political environment has gotten toxic for leftists as the President’s approval rating sputters like an electric car 100 miles away from the nearest charging station.

Murray signed on to Senate Democrats’ gas tax suspension bill in late April, more than two months after it was introduced even though the Democrat called the policy a “bad idea” that would “deteriorate highway funding.”

But what’s wrong with consigning drivers to use roads on par with what could be expected in 2006-era Baghdad when a Democrat has an election to win?

Before the Senator’s recent switcheroo, the Senator’s former spokesman stated, “She has a firsthand look at what’s going on with our transportation systems, our roads and our bridges, and from her perspective, this is a bad idea, there’s no guarantee that the plan would result in lower gas prices, but it would deteriorate highway funding.”

Of course, Murray wants a holiday, when Americans need a permanent tax cut and then some.

But Democrats have been steadfastly opposed to energy independence and domestic energy production.

Like a good Democrat, Sen. Murray has taken a hard-line stance against the Keystone XL Pipeline for at least the past eight years, citing “environmental concerns.”

On Joe Biden’s first day in office he infamously curtailed energy production and has stubbornly opposed the oil and gas industries at every turn.

Americans are all paying the price now.


Now that Democrats are saddled with the effects of their disastrous policies, Biden and Sen. Murray included, they are doing everything they can and using every possible gimmick to avoid the voters’ wrath in November.

Everyday Americans who—especially those who live in blue states, are suffering every time they need to fill their car or their fridge because of Democrat policies—should vote accordingly on Election Day.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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