A warped speed nightmare just hit this blue state and the fallout will devastate other parts of America

There’s one thing worse than Democrats’ grinding the country to halt and creating a culture of lazy sluggards.

Whether by hook or by crook, it’s surging right now beyond belief.

And the warped speed nightmare infecting one blue state will devastate other parts of America with its fallout.

What could be worse than lazy drug-addled, refuse-to-work leftists that do little but drag society into the gutter?

Plenty of things.

But sometimes one of them is Democrats actually working really hard.

California lawmakers were doing just that this week, making new bad laws at warp speed before the legislative session closed on Wednesday.

The good news is the legislature has adjourned.

The bad news is their worst ideas are likely to spread like wildfire to other blue states.

At the end of their legislative session California lawmakers worked feverishly to ensure no horrible leftist ideas got left on the sideline.

Sacramento lobbyist Chris Micheli told Cal Matters on Monday morning that with only three days left in the legislative session, state lawmakers still needed to deal with 525 proposed laws—what amounts to 175 pieces of proposed legislation each day.

Do Golden State lawmakers read a thing?

Rather than spend their time reading to understand the vast array of decisions before them, Governor Gavin Newsom was busy distracting lawmakers with hoopla about his “Emergency Climate Change” package.

Apparently, even after ramming through legislation banning the sale of new vehicles with gasoline engines by 2035, Newsom still believes his “environmental legacy is in the balance,” according to The Visalia Times Delta.

It seems that isn’t enough, now he needs to go after the oil and gas industry directly by making sure any not adequately discouraged by Joe Biden’s efforts to destroy the domestic energy industry will be taken out by new California regulations.

That’s especially significant since California is the only state in the nation allowed to pass stiffer environmental rules than the federal government.

But after the Golden State implements any awful idea, other states are then allowed to pile on and make similar bone-headed decisions.

Newsom’s latest proposal will ensure the cost of doing business in the state will go up for energy companies.

His new proposed law “reworks” requirements for new and existing inactive wells.

Under it, operators would have to jump through a bunch of government hoops to certify that there are no “sensitive sites” nearby before using the wells they’ve already invested in by drilling in the first place.

They would also be forced to add expensive new monitoring equipment.

Both the Western States Petroleum Associations and the California Chamber of Commerce are fighting against yet another anti-business policy package being passed which will obviously further cripple the state’s economy.

Chamber opposition

The Chamber of Commerce has also opposed Newsom’s irresponsible push to get gasoline engines off the road ASAP.

According to the Chamber, energy policy needs to be carefully created to ensure it doesn’t backfire big time.

“Every electron produced in California—whether renewable, nuclear, natural gas, or otherwise—must be carefully integrated into a complex series of wires, switches, and transformers before flowing into your home or business,” the Chamber wrote. “All these maneuvers come together to ensure you can turn on the lights when you hit a switch, but also that your toaster doesn’t burst into flames.”

Unfortunately, lawmakers working feverishly to slam through legislation at the last minute—before a critical Midterm election for Democrats—seem more likely to set something on fire than to make deliberate and wise choices.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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