A violent criminal avoided jail time after committing this heinous crime

At this point, having to put up with violent crime is just part of everyday life if you live in a city.

And it does not matter which city, because nearly every urban center in America is plagued by rampant theft, violence, and hooliganism.

The reason for the recent spike in crime is obvious, and leftists in this major west coast city just proved yet again why their pro-crime policies are failing.

In nearly every urban center in America, crime has gotten so bad that living there has become impossible.

You practically can’t go out to buy groceries or clothes in broad daylight without fear of being mugged or assaulted.

This is especially true in the left-wing city of Seattle, which has seen one of the most dramatic surges in crime.

Following the violent riots of 2020, Seattle was one of many cities that completely altered their criminal justice system to make it extremely difficult to lock people up.

As a direct result of this brain-dead policy, pro-crime judges in Seattle have been allowing career criminals to be released right back on the street after being arrested.

And more often than not, these criminals go straight back to their life of crime.

Law-abiding, tax-paying citizens and small business owners are the ones who pay the biggest price for these policies.

A prime example of this vicious cycle occurred just the other day at a Nordstrom Rack in Seattle.

In broad daylight, a man entered the store and began stealing everything in sight.

When confronted by a “loss prevention officer,” the thief hauled off and clocked him.

The thief was eventually arrested only to be let go without any jail time by a King County judge.

As an alternative to jail time, the judge is forcing the man to attend classes at a community center.

And this is not this thief’s first rodeo.

In fact, he had an active warrant for another crime at the time of his arrest, but that did not seem to matter to Judge Johanna Bender.

Bender is an extreme far-left radical who has a reputation for handing down soft sentences.

Judges like Judge Bender are the primary reason why crime is getting so out of hand in this nation.

Instead of spending time behind bars, this hardened criminal will ease his way through some ridiculous community center classes, which he will likely not even attend, and odds are he will keep doing what he knows best – committing crimes and terrorizing his community.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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