A two last name school official may have pissed off the wrong parents

The kinds of things being taught to impressionable young students have been increasingly scrutinized in recent years, and with good reason. 

It seems that almost weekly there is a new story of some wacko bird doing or saying something totally off the wall – and rarely are they held to account.

But one two last name school official may have just pissed off the wrong parents.

Prep school parents livid

Parents with kids in blue state government schools have only a few courses of action when it comes to holding nut job school officials accountable for crossing lines with their kids. 

Withholding tax dollars usually ends up with jail time.

But when parents are shelling out for expensive private school tuition, making schools and school officials pay a financial cost is definitely an option.

You’d think even the wokest school employee at a hoity-toity prep school would recognize that.

But librarian Ingrid Conley-Abrams spit straight in parents’ eyes after she was exposed for a call to arms about her profession to “Burn White Straight Male Librarianship to the Ground,” The New York Post reported.

Conley-Abrams – an employee at the private Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School on Manhattan’s Upper West Side – was exposed when she got a surprise suspension this month for violating Twitter’s “hate speech” standards for tweeting what out way back in 2015.

Twitter doing a super policing the Left

The suspension was not only 7 years after the fact but exceedingly brief.  Conley-Abrams was back spewing out he woke bile within days.

Of course that’s a far cry from how the social media platform treats conservatives.

The same social media platform that banned a former President but allows what can be legitimately called terrorist organizations to participate on it finally got around to deeming the librarian’s tweet as “hate speech” after seven years.

Good for them.

The much delayed reaction from Twitter has ignited a firestorm from parents at the school over what their kids’ librarian has been up to in her role at Columbia Grammar & Prep.

Conley-Abrams doesn’t just scan a barcode on a book, hand it to a student and wave good-bye – she also frequently comes into classrooms to teach, and that doesn’t sit well with some parents who are shelling out $59,000 per year for their children to be indoctrinated.

One mother said, “How can I feel comfortable sending my white 9-year-old son into her library or classroom?  What if my son wants to be a librarian? How safe and nurtured are my kids going to be by this person?  If a student posted that they want to burn down or shoot up a library they would be expelled.  In addition she’s claiming that gender is fake and she tweeted that she wants to keep students from matriculating in the Ivy League. Are parents aware this is what they are paying almost $60,000 a year for?”

The librarian has also tweeted about being non-binary and claims, “I am not a woman.”

Not reformed

It would be one thing if it could be claimed that the tweet precipitating the firestorm was a one-off, seven years ago and that this woman chilled out, grew up and took her position of authority with impressionable kids seriously.

But, no.

After her account was reinstated, Conley-Abrams tweeted sarcastically on Aug 15: “White cishet male librarians, I’m sorry. You did it. You made the bad one go away. But I’m back + love white guy librarians more than ever! Thanks for everything you do!”

Another parent said that Abrams-Conley has been peddling books about gender identity and Critical Race Theory such as Ibrahim Kendi’s Stamped (For Kids): Racism, Anti-Racism, and You.

That parent said, “People like Ingrid in the schools are so self-important. They think their way is the only way: ‘This is what I believe and this is what the kids in my classroom are going to believe and that’s the end of it.’ There’s no questioning of it and no debate. It’s terrifying.”

What happens to this radical librarian is anyone’s guess.

Surely there are plenty of other avenues frustrated parents can take (especially for $59k a year) if this particular school doesn’t sack this “educator” and quickly.

But this is just one more data point showing that the increased awareness of what’s going on in the classroom can only be a good thing by shining a light on the crazies.

Here’s to hoping the scrutiny continues.

Stay tuned to Blue State Blues for any updates to this ongoing story.


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